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A good start. One down: how many more crooked prosecutors to go? Thanks, Guardian! Handcuffs photo made my day! https://t.co/jIsKsmLOa5
Hollande urges vigilance over jihadists returning from Iraq https://t.co/LpSTkuPD0w #Nigeria #News
Brexit politicians are putting us on a fast track to financial jeopardy says BBA's Anthony Browne via @guardian https://t.co/vWV9yhM6P1
Supporting #Trump proves #Thiel hasn't changed the core of his views held in the book. -the guardian #asshat #fail 🙄 https://t.co/AQZrf1W1Dv
@KendallJenner hello Darling of love, kendall, A.D. of Paris. (your guardian angel and rebel) my angel, my pretty princess, my doll.
@stu_evans @guardian to be honest,I don't really mind,I like them all!
bethesda is mean bc the broom sparrow in destiny is only temporary i wanna be a witch guardian forever >:C
RT @OffencePolice: @ezralevant It's the Guardian so they are correct about their readers.
@guardian That's not an obituary.
RT @Aeroamericas: Los localizadores satelitales de Guardian Mobility permiten realizar seguimiento a la trayectoria de manera remota… https://t.co/LMgSdnr0Oh
RT @AuthoJana: "Suspenseful, compelling-and captivating throughout. It is an unforgettable page turner." #ASMSG #mustread #IAN1… https://t.co/RXtuYjcgWj
Backyard battery recycling is biggest chemical polluter for poorer nations https://t.co/5Jq95lhujB
honestly, if I had a kid, I'll encourage him to be a main character in his own story. I'm merely his guardian and advisor.
Is there a parent or guardian around to clam you down, change diapers ..? @VoteBlueNation @allanjohnsonmn1 @FlipItDem @ShoxMagic @jgl61
Peter Jackson to produce film based on Mortal Engines books - The Guardian https://t.co/iwBf8TeN7K
I, Daniel Blake scores impressive result at UK box office as Trolls takes top spot https://t.co/339ahDCJFl | Guardian
An interesting piece from The Guardian on the benefits of nostalgia. https://t.co/tC7w9IcKAj
Would you accept another adult, being your Guardian..is all the evidence ever needed @i6MO7 Your Guardian says no more twitter @RitaPanahi
Very interesting, specifically in light of the law's approach to dealing with departures from common practice in… https://t.co/RSl3BGTa5u
My guardian angel is disappointed but yet proud of me. She loves me very much. Thank you for watching over me. Just know I'm gratful.
Pete Burns obituary https://t.co/NUDonjE3qY The Guardian World News Originally best known for his 1985 chart-topper You Spin Me Round (L…
As political crisis looms, Quetta attack piles pressure on Pakistan PM https://t.co/V6Ip8hSZkg The Guardian World News The bloody assaul…
The guardian viewed her with distrust. "Your heart reflects your soul as surely as a mirror reflects your face. Be gone. Now", #2bittues
Girrrll you need a sugar daddy??? I'll be yo glucose guardian bby my kiss is sweet