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@MsMariaT @carolecadwalla @NickCohen4 @guardian Farage ! not that one who has cash hidden on the Isle Of Man not th… https://t.co/jT5aepCyKO
My guardian angel looking at my life decisions like https://t.co/do7FK8BNrq
“The Blood On George W Bush’s Hands Will Never Dry — Don’t glorify this man” by The Guardian https://t.co/LkmJiVXj65
@guardian_sport 1 mbappe 291 rates on 300 2nd dembele and Jesus
My guardian angel looking at my life decisions like https://t.co/PH4skNtvtm
And Two: How the Catalan crisis could send shockwaves across Europe | World news | The Guardian https://t.co/YkEKnit1kl
Here is today's latest news #headlines via The Mail and Guardian at https://t.co/G36Vv6E8GX via #news #SouthAfrica #lifeesidimeni
RT @KLPRagency: Guardian to invest in tech startups that support future of news with £42m venture capital fund #news https://t.co/j99MNfH6PR
@RPF_INDIA On 20 & 21.10.17 RPF personnel of ER rescued 2 minor boys from 2 different places & h/o to legal guardian/NGO on documentation
@guardian Those who are into #impactinvesting perhaps and who see stashing ludicrous amounts of cash as pointless.
La différence entre @quatremer et @manuelvalls : la même, en métaphore, entre The Guardian et la Pravda. @elpais_cultura @KRLS @A_RoyoMarine
Pablo Neruda: experts say official cause of death 'does not reflect reality' - the guardian https://t.co/izrXE79mEv
@guardian #QandA Michael Kirby stuffed up de facto with his instigating the law in that 12mths 2gether get half! Paranoid singles now!
Food hygiene ratings in Croydon reveal worst 100 restaurants - Croydon Guardian https://t.co/LFyWsgzl16 https://t.co/Ua9txRkis1
Amazing piece on the modern dynamics of journalism: 13 things I learned from 6 years at the Guardian – Mary Hamilton https://t.co/nSuPjtdxeY
@jessicabateman @guardian @cerumol @Tim_Hayward_ @PiersRobinson1 Dont we owe it to the #Syrian people to be able to… https://t.co/N5SSHrfk1i
9 June 2017: Ghobash is interviewed by The Guardian’s Diplomatic . https://t.co/HlsZv5Ht2v #كذاب_مثل_أبوك
Maybe start with going to DC on a peace mission. And a sense mission. https://t.co/yzWug64aHF
@guardian “Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear And it shows them pearly white ♫ ♬♪ https://t.co/VU9Xnc6Jna
How the public sector is finding its social media voice via @guardian https://t.co/RVefBQ0Wzg
RT @OnlineMagazin: 🆘‼️😯🔥 This happens when the alcohol-delivery guy is caught by a muslim moral guardian in #Pakistan. Violent beating! https://t.co/JhODqRtrgB
What comes in 66 sizes and vegan latex? The new generation of condoms - The Guardian https://t.co/pk6NbrdKV8 >> Se… https://t.co/gtlRzhFWhE