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@TheDemocrats @guardian @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @MSNBC Good. If Russia, China and India don't care, why should the US?
MPs criticise cuts to aid projects based on negative media coverage https://t.co/rD6fgLrjNm | The Guardian
@guardian I don't know who ed Sheeran guy is but Charlotte Campbell seems to be one of the hardest workers in the industry
RT @joekuipers: Ha, the bully failed. America voted him in; the house turned him down. A lesson for parliament, BREXIT. Legislators… https://t.co/AcPMTUYMdN
i really want Renegade for Life or Krillin Plays of The Last Guardian. HEY TFS, WEN TRICO
ドイツ航空宇宙センター、世界最大の人工太陽試験設備を構築 | スラド サイエンス: ドイツ航空宇宙センターが、キセノン光源を使った世界最大の人工太陽試験設備「Synlight」を完成させたそうだ( guardian 、 PC… https://t.co/hJtltrzs9I
Figueredo: La OEA no podrá aplicar la Carta Democrática este martes https://t.co/P41haeUjeT https://t.co/vVHXAqhHwP
RT @lettheirbejust: #Adecco contradict themselves. She "can't always get what she wants." She "was arrested because she wanted to be ar… https://t.co/pwlj9qRcyr
Nicolás Maduro asistirá al cierre de la Expo Venezuela Potencia 2017 https://t.co/uRhSSnUcsj https://t.co/hR5FoWIfez
RT @afsanalachaux: 2) we don't need BS platitudes on diversity - it's called tackle institutionalised racism. @guardian law @DavidLammy https://t.co/dVZVin53Qk
Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron face off for the soul of France | World news | The … https://t.co/kNjXlElbGV ➜… https://t.co/EVr6JI1GD5
Llegan al país más de 500 contenedores con cajas del Clap https://t.co/ILPxPEHPtJ https://t.co/JToWx1uiR8
접근을 불허한다.
Evo Morales viajará a Cuba el jueves para extraer tumoración benigna https://t.co/n8UrE3zoKc https://t.co/drwppX6hiP
IS releases video threatening Iran READ MORE https://t.co/f33ozwojy0
RT @Draft5gg: [SORTEIO @Draft5gg] Concorra a 3 skins e keys @GamersClubBR! Basta acessar o link e fazer as ações necessárias! >>… https://t.co/fhatfyGhmu
@paullester22 @guardian always enjoyed these. Great job, done well 👍
RT @PrisonPlanet: He converted to an ideology that instructs its followers to kill all the infidels, but his motive "may never be kno… https://t.co/LlNdBIeSsv
RT @AuthoJana: "An engrossing epic, full of history and drama. Absolutely one of the best books of the year." #ASMSG #Bookboost… https://t.co/4thpofEOxV
RT @beyer_char: If we value our national security, we must avoid a hard Brexit - the guardian https://t.co/kCPfguTBop