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RT @2sassy4u_12335: I've been at work all day & now I have a 2 hr staff meeting and all they offer us is chips... ** Where The Fuck Is The Fireball Shots ?? **
RT @LuhHaiti__: I don't fuck with you bitch niggas, i just fuck with yo bitch...nigga😎🗣
@ABurrss ofc u did u chinky fuck
RT @_Akacole: Fuck with my new song howbow dah?? https://t.co/gh8UHua2VX
RT @_somebodyeIse: Okay but who the fuck decided to take Mulan off Netflix
remember 4th grade when I touched an electric fence just bc I wanted to kno what being electrocuted felt like?? what the fuck
RT @tootrippy_arson: Some people are stupid as fuck and just childish. Smh
RT @ClutchLikeRomo: My ex gave me a pet hamster for Christmas and cheated on me FUCK YOU AND YOUR HAMSTER LISA YOU WHORE https://t.co/jbk8oSzict
RT @nathanjimenez3: Do it myself by Russ is true in so many levels cuz everyone scared, everyone pussy so fuck it, you gotta do it yourself
This why I go behind kids when they're not looking and tell them to get the fuck out my face https://t.co/xKeFjpA4Jc
RT @domosexuaI: bro honestly who the FUCK ima beat her ass where she at wit her comma lookin ass eyebrows im shook rn she trippin https://t.co/lWrLeDqxxS
@Brandonshki_12 that's why I don't give money to them fam fuck that
RT @OpTic_Crimsix: Can't wait to just shut everyone the fuck up
tell me baby if i fuck you right can i fuck forever ...
I'm gonna take a NyQuil and watch a movie on MEXICAN NETFLIX FUCK YA
#teen boat xxx anna sophia sex fuck pictures https://t.co/hJSruwRWW7
RT @anyjawn: when i was 11 i turned 13 cuz ion fuck with 12 https://t.co/8TlU2K6jHm