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ok i'm not going to fuck about no more
might fuck around and open my nudes on the bus
RT @JIMINSUSCHRlST: it’s actually getting really sad now. jimin gets hate left right and centre and nobody bats an eyelid. you undermin… https://t.co/8B6xxuTAcZ
virgin hard fuck pictures 5th grade girls sex tubes https://t.co/keueAQBRdy
RT @WiseGuy_wes27: Fuck it. Imma just go head and say it. Lemon pepper wings are overrated and borderline trash. https://t.co/JU4FnkIBVv
RT @charli_xcx: also being nice is cool. fuck being a dick.
RT @lilNattyDread: @rtzteeks I’m like wtf it must be a sign wait fuck you don’t @ me rn you encouraging Nae
RT @reyandbucky: fuck I’ve been trying to tell people that for ages,, like y’all realise bucky was a teenager when he met steve… https://t.co/SksTCJWyye
@SenateMajLdr You are an evil, venal, lying, corporate whore for Trump. Fuck off and die. Please.
RT @itssza: I hate when exes don’t have respect for you or what y’all shared. Like of course we didn’t work out for unfortunate… https://t.co/Fqz0a4CKdx
fuck drugs dude
With a fuck fuck here and a fuck fuck there.. here a fuck there a fuck I don't give a fuck !!!!!!!😤😤
RT @Mike_Stud: If u don’t fuck with hey there Delilah I don’t wanna be around u
Fuck it I'mma do myself a Off-white Twitter rebrand
I crave for burger since last night!!! But after watching kingsman 2 the fuck twas like dont wanna eat burgers anymore!!! Huhuhuhu.
RT @LDTmike: So Fuck you @coinbase I’m going to publish the undeniable proof with a very very large traditional media outlet.… https://t.co/U7J6R02cKH
@aaronsevivas @KimDotcom You need to fuck off quick with RV ensemble.
RT @finah: "you're so quiet" actually i never shut the fuck up around people i am comfortable with but you’re not one of those people
RT @Alt_FedEmployee: Hey GOP, Fuck you & your tax breaks you worked tirelessly to pass Sincerely, All the programs about to go unfund… https://t.co/sPWrp4BzWt
How the fuck did me and Shannon get refused entry at cav. Fuck off