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#sexy girls fuck free movie hardcore ass fuck https://t.co/XiJeLVhHjv
acho que só vou ver o twd amanha, idk
RT @noheartfound: idgaf if you don't like me. i bet you aint gonna do shit but stare at me when i walk by, lurk through all my shit, and wish i gave a fuck
RT @x_nonchalant_: I just really DONT GIVE A FUCK nomore
Modern football can fuck off sometimes https://t.co/rKXRuPct6p
RT @heartlle: when I get mad I be bugging the fuck out and I know it's wrong but I can't help it I swear there's something inside of me sometimes
did you fuck my fucking dad, ocelot?
RT @skruff_deejay: #np @reece_youngking loyal dankie @MashBeatz keep it raw gents will continue to support fuck xploitation n hypocrasy
TY on our screens 😕fuck off lad
RT @StuartWain23: @PopeRichard Oh fuck yes. You have no idea how much I love this XD
Yes Fuck Her you ain't Bothered😌 https://t.co/KfkjtVbqjr
RT @russdiemon: Yo I really didn't know what to expect cuz it was a festival...fuck that, that was MY show. I LOVE y'all. Whole set… https://t.co/xb6veGYjf9
@BrownieFarts or i just nope the fuck outta there the second i learn what's mandatory
RT @Logic301: I just wanna take a moment and say how much I respect and fuck with @Drake he has opened the door for so many artists myself included!
RT @__marshai: fuck a relationship 😛🐐
RT @40oz_VAN: Never beg anyone to fuck with you.
Fuck sake arsene! Now is not the time to go streaking! #sutton #SUFCvAFC
Why the fuck does TY have his headphones on lool