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@Go_fuck_uself Он какой-то перекаченный был, в 2015 вбрасывали его полуголые гифы из сериала и там даже агонь, а ту… https://t.co/rgceR8DLji
Omg omg i got goosebump holy fuck https://t.co/gf8r8mNcGA
RT @smenor: @AjitPaiFCC @FCC You’re not stupid, ergo you are a shameless liar. Go fuck yourself, Ajit.
RT @Lovingrahulxxx: Always love to fuck big boobs busty milf @EroticRuchika https://t.co/C5awqQk6uU
RT @kingsbruh: Hillary won popular vote by 3 million. Electoral college didn't give a fuck. All you suckas texted that RESIST shit… https://t.co/FbA14DEvC8
RT @navbeats: not giving a fuck is better than revenge
RT @keybladexxx: well what the fuck did you think was gonna happen Karen don't act so surprised https://t.co/Q6a3WNPf5b
@IamAkademiks So we gonna pretend that his ass ain't being choked out by his chains
RT @MalachaiSpivey: I Can't Be Fake, I'm A Terrible Actor. If I Fuck With You You'll Know, & Vice Versa.
RT @itstrippieredd: fuck whoever don't like me.
why the FUCK would you walk through the door when the window is RIGHT THERE. it's easier
for fuck's sake
RT @KNaye0na: I would watch or read the fuck out of a project based on this https://t.co/ONLJThHnal
RT @Mr_Luares: Kevin Hart tryna have a serious ass conversation but Charlemagne fr don’t give a fuck lmaaooooo https://t.co/LxLjGHZAw7
RT @MichaelBlackson: Just fired my barber, this neega tried to make me look cute and fuck up my money #UglyIsTheNewCute
RT @saima98_x: someone was taken to A&E because paramedics thought she had suffered with a heart attack, turns out she had an anxi… https://t.co/nmxhaElcZo
Mark’s eyebrows....... what the fuck https://t.co/GAFVz7o8nv
RT @jonymota517: “Yeah fuck the people that kept my head on straight, fuck the people that never let my ass feel alone” like Jesus C… https://t.co/3bsfPE1MGX
RT @KNaye0na: I would watch or read the fuck out of a project based on this https://t.co/ONLJThHnal
RT @Pia_anca: @TheBaseballs if you S stupid SHIT still interfere in my things and training I make sure your career is over!!! LOOSER!!! FUCK YOU!!!