Tweets about a recent trend: WHAT THE FUCK

Don’t you ever just look back @ things n say fuck what happened lmao
@robjective You let them abuse your system. You took their money, let them fuck with our election while you looked… https://t.co/sTrE3xy66d
@getitlesliee From start to finish 😏 but fuck that would take ages haha
RT @lightweightly: Also Europe, yall better scream ‘fuck’ during the first line of Daddy Issues. You better https://t.co/c8NI0sdB11
@_treazzzz Nope he can ruin my lifeee FUCK ME UP ROCKY
RT @SteveO_BOSSIN: If I fuck with you , I fuck with you
sry but you weird as fuck if you sleep with socks on
RT @RefinedBogan: Fuck me in public, kiss me in private.
RT @valkybucky: the scene in i tonya with margot and sebastian where allison says “you guys fuck yet” was improvised fhgdgsfs https://t.co/qHM2YCh9j6
fuck you then
RT @jadenn_jawnn: I don't think I'm ever going to recover from this. I JUST turned 16 this week and what happens? All of my friends g… https://t.co/llE44px6u0
RT @_beatsbynav: not giving a fuck is better than revenge
RT @780613: holy fuck ??? taejin are..... the perfect duo..,, https://t.co/6EDB3tZD6p
If he/she calls you a baboon, you fuck em up, 2nd of story. https://t.co/Ca8mEAuHzv
RT @wCL3gbZs0Gq9K7t: #หลุด พระเอกMV เพลง ผู้สาวขี้เหล้า ควยใหญ่หน้าขี้เงี่ยนมากกกก https://t.co/r5UlZ25a35
RT @truexenemy: fuck singaporeans who think it’s cool to use the n word
Holy fuck I need to see @DonDiablo live 😩😩
RT @__Jawon: Mfs be quick to switch. Idc how important you think you are or how long I’ve known you, it’s fuck you even quicker.
so it’s 2018 and I just got a voicemail from a blocked caller saying that they have a pill now that prevents miscar… https://t.co/7MgoA5vX38
Will i be happy if Deakins wins? Fuck Yea