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what planet does this girl live on? https://t.co/TY1xmeXNp4
@nadiakhomami what planet is this bozo on?
On what planet does the Canadian PM reside? https://t.co/Ex4v09Sfqj
@powerfulAgramon @Sexyqueenmel "What planet did you destroy, my queen?"
@SE25A OBR should be critiqued for the Over-Optimism inherent in its Model. What planet are the Leavers on if they think OBR was down-beat?
On what planet does Fidel Castro get praised? 🙄
Peace? What planet is she living on? https://t.co/fwrUVd7YVu
@jimreaper13 dude you are literally incapable of reading my tweets. In what planet do you gather that i was ever a fan of that monster? 😒
@Irish_Eric Lol Seattle?? What planet do you live on 😂understandable though. Don't really much ammunition being a leafs fan 😂
Asked what planet we lived on yesterday.... if I don't have brain damage or something wrong with me I'm truly in trouble....
But what planet is Ronaldo from?
Who is this and what planet is he from? https://t.co/FkWGzmevFd
what planet are they on,So hard for people to make ends meet, https://t.co/Gaki0zhTZT
@weaselzippers lmao....on what planet do these idiots live on! OMG! 😲
What planet have you been living on Justin? https://t.co/D566xMha2X
What planet is this silly cow from. The mind boggles https://t.co/kUVLj3D0HM
@proudusafan @RevJJackson and what planet is Jackson living on?
@BarackObama Mr. President...you say "history will judge and record Castro's impact? " Please tell us...What Planet are you really from?
@irritatedwoman @YahooNews Canadian Prime Minister praises Castro as hero who loved Cuban people and loved by people. What planet is he on?
Wtf......tremendous leader??? What planet has this guy been living on? https://t.co/yRzmxZuk1a
@TheOddsBible @TLBVideos @PoetsCornerUK the worst bit is at the end! Absolutely disgusting!!! What planet does this woman live on? Poor kids
@Resource_Works what planet are you on? Nothing is more cost effective than what we have now. #wingnut get a real #job
@goddersbloom So the roads magically appear overnight and are paid for by Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy? What planet do you live on?