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RT @VanitysLashes: Going back to school is like what personality will I have this year
I like be friend with everyone.no matter what personality they have.:D
Going back to school is like what personality will I have this year
me: do you have anything sweet? friend: you mean my stunning personality? what personality even @ellurdur
I feel like if I like someone and there's even a slight chance they like me, my constant internal struggle on what personality I let take
@CocoTheParrot She's one proud hen!! 💃🏻. What personality😂😂😂
I would like to know what personality disorder this Tonya Bailey person has. #ToddlersandTiaras
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@KathieLGifford I love these precious dogs...what personality do they have?
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My 9 yo sister: "I think he's cute but I don't like his personality. I don't know what personality means but I like him anyway" 🙄🙄😂
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@woysylvia ME WHEN MY SYMPTOMS MAKE ME FEEL EDGY N IM LIKE hoo im horrible i faked my whole personality. wait what personality
Does anyone know what personality quiz this is from? I wanna take it again to prove I'm not Plankton https://t.co/eikbEuoakU
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