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@subtextiel @violue @scoutstiel Oh, is THAT what it means to wear someone like a hat...?
RT @CartwheelPrint: @wackywild1 Yeah I’ve jumped in on arguments defending folks on Facebook from people that just don’t get it, and wh… https://t.co/irwhkPqDpB
RT @ViktorFagerLFC: Firmino: "Everyone hears ­stories about what it means to be a #LFC player, but, until you live it ­personally, you… https://t.co/Vwfi03rJAw
@Luh_Ndlela @SayEntrepreneur @djsbu @mofaya_official This sounds interesting but I don’t know what it means. Can he… https://t.co/s17yYIS69m
RT @BishopJakes: "Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from." -T… https://t.co/N8L9A3n0Pl
RT @GoldmanSachs: “We all have circumstances we're born into, and to be human means having to respond to that.” Philosopher Robert Ro… https://t.co/n8nTG5cw70
RT @AlexandraMihai2: It's very difficult to put a different label on digital that is not related to tech, especially in local government… https://t.co/PENJRDqnPC
RT @OliverMcGee: #RipArethaFranklin, 76, Queen of Soul, dies on Death Anniversary of #ElvisPresley, King of Rock & Roll Aug 16, 1977… https://t.co/HJKsKVfJEa
Don’t give a fuxk bitch fuck subtraction” idk what it means but it bumps https://t.co/d5iBJa8wDS
RT @ViktorFagerLFC: Firmino: "Everyone hears ­stories about what it means to be a #LFC player, but, until you live it ­personally, you… https://t.co/Vwfi03rJAw
@ProfBCrawford R-E-S-P-E-C-T, FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TO ME, 90 Law Libr. J. 579 R-E-S-P-E-C-T : RESPECTING LEGISLA… https://t.co/t9fFP5PEwr
Do you know what it means to be a balanced man? #RushSigEp #TAKΣΦVER #UNCG22 @ UNCG Caf https://t.co/Vvs2CgZVgy
@oldgrumpypa @AtheistRepublic Obviously she is too ignorant to know what it means !
@BackTheCops AMEN!! The definition of a real hero & what it means to take a knee for this country! We love our Poli… https://t.co/cmqpanmjv7
RT @enoidem1964: This image of Jones Abiri should go far and wide. This is what it means to be a journalist under the tyranny of… https://t.co/B5kpVo6ScT
@2018Time4Change @Andrew_Adonis Truly hope you’re right. It will be interesting to see how Labour respond to JRM’s… https://t.co/EKHtmsj6RE
RT @sigmasports: What it means to wear the national road race champion bands. @RealStephens talks racing with some of the sport's bi… https://t.co/kPlyQ8LmQZ
RT @NavdeepSBains: Today, the world lost one of our most tireless advocates for human rights and development. Kofi Annan represented w… https://t.co/wE7yvvC6jM
RT @TayJann: Just wanted to say that these past couple of days with @CrazyRichMovie and #toalltheboysilovedbefore were so incred… https://t.co/QhWg2fD21v
RT @AnfieldEdition: Firmino: “Everyone hears ­stories about what it means to be a Liverpool player, but, until you live it ­personally,… https://t.co/XayVYiPLFV
RT @JW4Resistance: @joanwalsh Yeah this discussion is not to be missed. I am encouraged that people like Mudd, Brennan, and so many… https://t.co/JMeaTwdnk4
In the old steel town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, the toxic footprint is emblematic of what it means to suffer envir… https://t.co/B86KLo6XEa