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I heared about that and I know what it means. https://t.co/lfDR1wQloM
RT @Mcetoh: @deejayfaremi Them don chop belleful. On a more serious note, they know what it means to have a functional governme… https://t.co/yPQhPpfckn
Join us tomorrow at our Abbots Bromley information event from 2pm to 8pm It's an opportunity to find out more about… https://t.co/tecn8gyUXc
RT @CampaignsUK: Find out more about why @newsfromrooftop is so important and what it means for local government in this @LGiU #blog… https://t.co/qhtYL26E5z
@mexopolis I love this movie so much, and wish I could properly describe what it means to me. I took everyone I cou… https://t.co/FmogKCliIt
RT @SmartCityexpo: At #SmartCityWeek Nov.5-11 people of Barcelona will be able to experiment and reflect on what it means to live in a… https://t.co/WpqkOrO7zZ
@BlooVII please.....tell me what it means....
RT @UchidaJenni: After our first robotics competition, students shared their reflections. One student said, “i never knew what “lear… https://t.co/pOVbIqlJft
RT @gltchurch: It is one of our major traits. A life of worship without borders. Join us on the 27-28th Oct and experience what it… https://t.co/SPjTOV6qr9
RT @The1Brand7: 13/ Anyone in the world who has access to a computer can become an independent validator (accountant) on the… https://t.co/JwgAdW3VEP
RT @ThisIsKennys: You ever wonder what it means to make it by any means?
RT pitchfork: Chai’s fantastic debut, Pink is a moment of pure joy. Get to know the band. https://t.co/wal2IEd9JF
RT @palestine_bs: #قروب_فلسطيني #GroupPalestine Do you know what it means to live under zionist occupation? Imagine if this was your… https://t.co/JYsmcjCyNr
@Suziewhooz Just another day for me Suzie but these kids smiling and seeing what it means to them makes it all worth it.
@Danvito_ We do. He revolutionized comedy and what it means to be a comedian . Dude is a genius. Only heathens don't understand that lol
RT @SolomonKarori2: @kariuk_i Foreign flags everywhere, what does that mean? Go try that in their Countries, that's when people will know what it means 😂
RT @RepSwalwell: Stepping back from what it means that the US president seems perfectly ok with the Saudis killing a journalist...a… https://t.co/14AaHgRvYi
RT @qtpiebyunbaek: There's a lot of difficulties when recording the Chinese version songs! They understand what it means because there… https://t.co/4fx4CDsRpY
RT @JohnCena: A truly surreal moment....#ElbowGrease is a @nytimes #1 Best Seller! Thank you to everyone who made this a reality.… https://t.co/uSPv1VuTav
RT @JohnCena: A truly surreal moment....#ElbowGrease is a @nytimes #1 Best Seller! Thank you to everyone who made this a reality.… https://t.co/uSPv1VuTav
@EverettWa I think your'e stretching what it means to "be good." And you're doing this weird everything on screen i… https://t.co/NmDWT6LmtJ
New video! @MonteroOnBoxing with his take on @Canelo and @GoldenBoyBoxing deal with @DAZN_USA and what it means for… https://t.co/xRUKZl30sS
RT @JanetHughes: Hello lovely people who know all about being user-centred. I'm working with @Emmastace to help define what it mean… https://t.co/ppmmX3y9Iz
RT @amethyst8071: I hope everyone remembers one thing. How happy we were together again. I want you to reconsider what it means to… https://t.co/2yYdRromrb