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I hate what Disney Channel has become...
COME TO THE ALMUNI COMEDY SPORTZ GAME THIS FRIDAY @ 7! Who knows what Disney Channel stars will be there?! ✨🎈🙀 https://t.co/Qd7W121Pxf
what disney channel movie should I watch?
@tou_point_0 @k_flexingg what???????? Disney channel????????????
what disney channel original movie should i watch tonight
I literally miss what disney channel used to be more and more every day
Guess what Disney channel bffs once u get to college u will slowly drift apart from each other enjoy ur secret hand shake tho it's rly good
idk what disney channel be tryna play now but it use to be lit #my💋
"Guess what Disney channel singers I've seen in concert....Aly and AJ" - Kev #imdead
what Disney channel show did Selena Gomez start her career? wasn't it Hannah Montana?
Selena Gomez turned into what Disney channel loves to produce...hoes
What Disney Channel be doing to yall ? https://t.co/RWPVYE7tEO