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RT @HoodJesusYo: Jesus knows what He's doing. Be just as thankful for the closed doors as you are for the open ones. His plan > yours.
Parents what are you doing to get your kids ready for the STAAR test?
@iamjojoI love you and your music s so muchh. You are so inspiring and gorgeous on the inside and out, plz keep doing what you're doing xx
RT @velvetpjm: if you don't think hoseok is the most beautiful boy then what are you doing https://t.co/eYOIkpR49T
RT @zelovesme: Himchan: "oh" "Ya" "What you do" Daehyun: "what are you doing" https://t.co/8sCTOnkTfr
Lmaoooo that's not the point. What are you doing 22nd ? 👀👀 https://t.co/T4GIXvwWjA
Good teams make you pay for turnovers and that's exactly what UCONN women are doing!
What are you doing to help fund schools to give them the resources to help children with different needs? https://t.co/JEKT6pG652
What are YOU doing August 5-6? WE have an idea for you! 5 of them, actually... https://t.co/6zidfeB30s https://t.co/9wJ822q16x
I thought the defense needs to play defense what are you guys doing
RT @Lyndsy_13: If I can't talk to you about my dreams and the things I'm passionate about, what are we even doing?
"what are you doing with life?" "what are your plans for after college?" me: https://t.co/Tev2MaDztL
Make that 30 mins.... @Bell what are you doing???
@lauriecrosswell @DevinNunes Obstruction of justice is a crime Devin, this is exactly what you are doing & we the people are pissed
what!!!!! are!!!! you!!! doing!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!
What are you doing tomorrow? We have 4 opportunities for you to join yourself on the mat. $8… https://t.co/C179wpvqzV
Let #ZGH marathon begin 😍😍😍😍. See what you are doing to us #FawadKhan , can't remember how many times I have watched this drama already 😍😍😍
@PrisonPlanet you are an awsome man. Keep doing what you doing and we will back you up. 👌
RT @Aubameyang7: @Emremor29 what are you doing to Moldavia 😱😱😱😱😱
Tired of helping out my "friends" because they NEVER return the favor. I know we are all busy, but I stoppped what I was doing to help you
RT @errinncee: -- Bc what are you doing if you aren't making a difference? If you aren't helping someone? If you take but never give? Wasting ur life yo