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"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" - Martin Luther King, Jr. https://t.co/pqnvnMIodN
When I caught an alien tossing himself off into a urinal I screamed at him, what the fuck do you think you are doin… https://t.co/Y7XL9hMo33
Sometimes you feel worthless and that’s okay. But before you close your eyes at night to go to sleep just remember… https://t.co/395U0V4PCn
RT @_TheMikeBlack: The kids: mr. b what are you doing over Mardi Gras break? Me: ima be going to zulu ball and hitting some parades.… https://t.co/nqitYWFMKi
It's already afternoon here. What are you doing right now?
RT @MyPowertalk: You are perfect as you are. Stop "fixing" yourself. Just figure out what you love to do and concentrate on doing… https://t.co/gXqmtobmnp
RT @jordaninthecut_: Lord I see what you are doing for others...... https://t.co/oxxSuSGV04
@Markkee87840409 @albigbarney @brianmoore666 @tom_watson We teach climate change. It is happening. It will happen m… https://t.co/qKE0tPeUAQ
@_brittanyv @CarpeDonktum @realDonaldTrump What are you doing on Twitter? Don't you have some dicks to suck so you can keep working?
@rickygervais And ya know what ?.. I fucking 💯 believe you.. There are so many doing vigilant work to help/protect… https://t.co/BjnS6zjqkp
RT @HeroNapit: Dear #Republicans, What are you doing for humanity? When will you act to end #US support for the #Saudi and #UAE wa… https://t.co/mPpLmk3he6
RT @softsadsatan: lgbts: *breathe* person: i’d drown my kid if he was gay lgbts: what the fuck??? person: shut the fuck up the lg… https://t.co/f5pNsZYVTQ
RT @incorrectjeon: jin: jungkook, what are you doing? jungkook, looking at his phone: nothing jin [grabbing his phone]: you better n… https://t.co/X4pLlfoqN2
@DurossGasperi We are all grateful for any help we can get and i do accept help from anyone fighting for our cause,… https://t.co/qrZkcRyn10
RT @muftimenk: If you are often stressed, anxious, feel like a failure or you're not doing what you think you should be doing in l… https://t.co/fj6KqehSSn
RT @_TheMikeBlack: The kids: mr. b what are you doing over Mardi Gras break? Me: ima be going to zulu ball and hitting some parades.… https://t.co/nqitYWFMKi
#Members, if you have a day off today then what are you doing? How do you spend your time outside of clinic/club/cl… https://t.co/kZwG2dut9a
Why do people not even question this! Is it fear,pride,a need to be accepted by people or do they just trust them n… https://t.co/6fznL44Ueo
RT @kicranston: Et tu, Barbara? Et tu? You’re doing the Superdelegate Dance a little early, don’tcha think? Not everyone has declar… https://t.co/VGug04Fjnm
RT @Sandy_Shri03: @LambaAlka Aunty ji, I am completely agree with you!! But can you plase let us know that what exactly you are doin… https://t.co/t0x7CAu5QF
RT @aimanazlan90: Busy yourself with what is beneficial and meaningful, and you won’t have time for useless things. Everyone has 24 h… https://t.co/ioeBAmW03W
RT @baekaeri06: father minseok panicking as baekhyun do tumbling using the ball ride YALL HE'S LIKE "BYUN BAEKHYUN WHAT ARE YOU DOI… https://t.co/mpki7UMz2D
RT @Tayyaba74237668: Look Imran niazi what you are doing with three times Prime minister of Pakistan, a Man who helped you build hospita… https://t.co/9H1TUKWWtz
Yes, weekend! What sports activity are you doing this weekend? Don't forget to log your km or hours for #Win4Youthhttps://t.co/wIedNxY9K7