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RT @EdwardJWHunter: Interesting admission by Stuart Robert. He over-spent $38,000 on his home internet expenses because "I wasn't payi… https://t.co/jZse8ChezO
RT @Otiniel_Great: We see what you are doing young Kings, this is amazing @KakeKashe @UncleBomba @HansoDiehl. We know you are for Huma… https://t.co/IVHXpT0Dk7
What are you doing to achieve a sustainable relationship with our natural environment? https://t.co/l7scADfVzZ
RT @MyKartavya: Tomorrow we'll celebrate the #WorldFoodDay. In #India, we are still wasting as much food as consumed by UK. 48.2 mi… https://t.co/vxQezEWcqW
RT @monstax_texts: jooheon: hyung, what are you doing? wonho: *awake at 4 am, sitting in front of the fridge eating ice cream, straigh… https://t.co/MhlSEXDPH1
RT @_VIDDO_: If you don't get what you deserve, you are doing something wrong. Know your worth, get what you worked hard for!💸… https://t.co/ix85KCksyn
RT @monstax_texts: jooheon: hyung, what are you doing? wonho: *awake at 4 am, sitting in front of the fridge eating ice cream, straigh… https://t.co/MhlSEXDPH1
⚽👀 What are you doing at the Great Wall of China @PSG_ManiiKa ? 🤫 https://t.co/1lY5BSu8dm
@fightoftheday I'm not saying this is what you are doing because you seem to have put some genuine thought into thi… https://t.co/uosT9OAHuz
RT @handokotjung: None of us really knows what we are doing on earth. But at the end of the day, if you've done your best, no matter… https://t.co/SShv9TWrzs
RT @Cheffie_Porn: Who in the UK is ready to act in scripted porn? Not only the same people are doing the same things with the same… https://t.co/vv1ERoosP7
RT @The_Cyrenian: "Attacked us in Syria" - what the hell are you doing in my country, anyway? We invited Russia here to Syria - LEGAL… https://t.co/3WNQambI2A
RT @Tweets2Motivate: If you are unsure about your future just keep doing what you know is right. What is meant to be will find you. God will make sure of it.
RT @ak_knit: @IrshadA09674195 @msdhoni Dhoni sir ., At least you can contempt of what Anil sharma is doing . He looted all life… https://t.co/1RbTlGPyTD
RT @SKZ_Indonesia: 📱Stray Kids Instagram Update [2018/10/16]~Seungmin [TRANS] "🍰🍓?! #ASC. Stays, What are you doing??" #StrayKids… https://t.co/ee9Stj2kO8
RT @meka_george: Father I see what you are doing for others. https://t.co/legiOuwXSG
RT @eelpierecords: Well amazingly, we are currently in the national Top 10 record shops. Thank you so much if you have voted for us.… https://t.co/1uWW1fY6ZS
RT @muftimenk: No matter how good a person you are, how kind you are, some will hate you. They’re committed to being mean and unre… https://t.co/M9oCgq3uSA
Did you know that One thing we All have in common is the number of hours we have in each and every day? There are o… https://t.co/lM3MSFOEkR
RT @weymouthgc: What are you doing this Remembrance Sunday? Why not Support our annual Remembrance Sunday Golf Event open to all se… https://t.co/2ipAbFjffU
RT @JainIrrigation: 821M people worldwide can't afford enough food yet 1/3 of the food produced globally goes waste annually & #DYK? 1.… https://t.co/FNEg7W9XcK
Just believe in yourself. Know what you are doing, why you are doing and just keep on doing it. Because at the end… https://t.co/uzVrjTUCjE
RT @MeryNobart: “ what if you couldn’t make it” “What if they were right “ “ what if you end up doing your best and still it wasn’… https://t.co/AgzNmlO8wZ
#Tip Of The Day #80: What Are You Doing About #Job Security?? https://t.co/PxmR2P9EEg