More kpop idols should have more tours on the west coast
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander gets traded to Clippers. Headed to the west coast.
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More talent to the west coast. This is unreal.
Attention West Coast: LAANC testing rolls out today: They say the West Coast is the Best Coast (it is!), and it jus… https://t.co/b97rSa46eQ
@TrumpGirlStrong in sancturies like west coast hospital ERs are like stepping into the 3rd world OHSU had bed bugs.… https://t.co/ruEyvP7b2H
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@rich559 Yeah he fie. No way he leaves the west coast though
RT @cheo_coker: 3 am on the East Coast. Midnight on the West. Worldwide!!! https://t.co/i8phROA47t
RT @AndyBuhler: West Coast League is expanding to Ridgefield starting Spring 2019, per WCL commish. Will play at the forthcoming Ri… https://t.co/iCW0nQVJGE
ship pero postponed ang alis due to hard rains across the west coast HAHAHA https://t.co/itmcf2pqXp
West coast to east coast, such a tiring 5 day drive, but I am finally here!
RT @generic_erik_: Down on the West Coast, I get this feelin’ like it all could happen https://t.co/JlapERx9sN
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RT @BenCameron23: West Coast have had more free kicks than points scored. 27 free kicks, 23 points. #AFLEaglesDons
RT @sangriavibes: Patiently waiting for #OnlyYou to become available in the West Coast #Calfornia @CheatCodesMusic @LittleMix https://t.co/46A15zGWfj
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RT @WCLBaseball: We are thrilled to announce the addition of an expansion franchise in Clark County. Learn more about the West Coast… https://t.co/YoEh7iCBvt
Down on the West Coast, I get this feelin’ like it all could happen https://t.co/JlapERx9sN
@konchugun i havent even seen it yet cause west coast, but this is a fat mood
RT @ChrisHansenPSB: #ELITEisEARNED West Coast July 8-9 | Salem, OR https://t.co/wXK6bN1km8 We welcome @WSUWomensHoops and new coach… https://t.co/lyHbMXwdGf