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RT @GeneralHospital: Kevin wants Carly back in therapy, West Coast. But whatever trust they built in Ferncliff is gone now. #GH is brand… https://t.co/XPzBUdD36k
@TheGoodGodAbove Now we have inmates helping fight the big fires here in the West Coast.
RT @AmoneyResists: 1.) Kanye West is not the emperor of black people. He’s an ignorant fool just like you 2.) Black unemployment fell… https://t.co/fKH9Mwn4l6
“Kennedy said he knows of a few locations in the West Coast that sell similar modules, but they’re backlogged by ye… https://t.co/vyVRKJMKmr
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@Seasaver I hated the rocky beaches on the west coast, glad to see them put to a use other than stubbing my toe.
R&B was actually my first love but I grew up listening to Hip Hop as a kid in the 90s. I was 3 years old listening… https://t.co/IrCxC3jkXP
I'm watching west coast customs and they're lowering a truck and it bothers me so much
#Pahndablac has been working on more West Coast themed apparel designs! This one is called #ThePahns 🐼🐼… https://t.co/9XLvOt7Rib
A West Coast IPA. What could go wrong? Well as it’s a @BrewDog not a lot. They do this very well. Piney and bitter.… https://t.co/8F9xht4UtS
@TVGMike @MattCTVG Equibase shows off the turf announced at 12:23. Not sure where @icecoldexacta saw 9:23 unless that was West coast time.
RT @chrischalkart: 'Wild West Coast, Llangrannog', 16x12inch, oil - Llangrannog is tucked in behind the first headland, with the drama… https://t.co/OvqdDXEXnN
petco park is really close to PNC as far as likability. Would love to see Bucs play there on West Coast trip someday. Well done Padres.
RT @myearthquakeapp: 3.3 earthquake occurred near Karamea, West Coast, New Zealand at 17:13 UTC! #earthquake #Karamea https://t.co/kpV5m4xybx
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A wee jaunt down to the west coast to Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher as our maiden voyage in the camper van. All… https://t.co/F9QmHoXRxb
Happy birthday to my West coast little sister @lizwagstafff!!! Watchin you go from that tiny little girl at Margari… https://t.co/MavXHO22BJ
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