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Westbrook Knights Cover Reveal & #Giveaway $10 Amazon Gift Card Ends October 18, 2018 https://t.co/nH4pHAkvz9 https://t.co/Ec7CQk5KBp
RT @OprahSide: 1. LEBRON 2. DURANT 3. CURRY 4. WESTBROOK 5. HARDEN 6. ANTHONY DAVIS 7. GIANNIS 8. KAWHI 9. EMBIID 10. PG-13 11. JI… https://t.co/cppxzCTj9D
@CantBstop1 Not with BRON in LA he not winning MVP ! 1.Bron 2. AD/KD 4. Leonard 5. Harden/Curry/Westbrook ?
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/or4QVjGrqK This Is Why Russell Westbrook Will NEVER WIN A Title
RT @timelesssports_: (2012) Russell Westbrook gets the OKC crowd HYPED! 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/SRR5nxzE2H
i think tati westbrook is a psychopath lmao
Okc+12 vs gsw sa opening? Wow hahahaha no westbrook?
Wow!! Did not know that Rep Leo Ryan of House intel Committee ALSO EXPOSED COLSTON WESTBROOK'S prison mind control… https://t.co/jgs5U07uxi
@OprahSide Harden over Westbrook cmon what’s good w you
RT @mailleobrien: Jasiel Correia buys new Mercedes Benz to travel in luxury while Fall River crackheads eat cigarette butts for fun https://t.co/Cvi5Qmd75j
Favorite NBA Player: John Collins Favorite player not on my team: Westbrook Most overrated player (current): Tatu… https://t.co/JhviIwRTZ2
Jayson Tatum is a glorified Luol Deng Westbrook is so inefficient I have outside the Top 10 Anthony Davis is a To… https://t.co/zPur5WbRMH
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/CCpxTWIb13 This Is Why Russell Westbrook Will NEVER WIN A Title
choyce westbrook be describing my goal relationship!
RT @yrn_ahmarie: @OprahSide No way westbrook better than harden, Anthony Davis or giannis
(2) All NBA First Team Stephen Curry James Harden Kevin Durant LeBron James Anthony Davis 2nd team Westbrook Ky… https://t.co/IlIGTTpfUP
So I have to see an ENT as my right nostril is coming away from the middle bit and the doctor hasn’t seen this befo… https://t.co/SizRvzYsfX
RT @TheWestbrookEra: Thunder’s First 5 games: How many do they win with Westbrook? and how many do they win without Westbrook? https://t.co/83Y88fXVvy
RT @lilpikaboof: Man they call this jit at flamingo baby Westbrook and this man tried to dunk on me Lmfaoo I feel like Mutumbo not today muddasucka
@herlaurenness @Asros @4katoshgaming Don't you guys think it's high time for a new curry card. There's like 4 K… https://t.co/rQygYYM9ZO
RT @BoopStats: If the NFL had a 99/99 Club -- yards rushing AND yards receiving in the same game -- Saquon Barkley would have ent… https://t.co/5zFfNpHztW
RT @JoshEberley: Most likely player to become the third person in league history to lead the league in PPG and TS%? https://t.co/87UdIOpcvF