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Jimmy Wendal with a 21-yard fumble return a touchdown. The two-point conversion is good and Northeast leads West Cr… https://t.co/2V9uZJfy8g
RT @highlydefective: I’m too goofy for you, don’t bother
RT @JuiceWorlddd: The whole world appears pitch black to me now..tainted. Ugly and beautiful at the same time 🖤
RT @skertskertt: My loyalty runs so deep that I will fight for something until I feel like there’s absolutely nothing left. No matte… https://t.co/czrpwCIzOh
Too much ASAP Rocky gon have you stealing Niggas girls👀
RT @MattKandjala: We arrest you in restaurants or night club before you pay your bill... Call 08120180920 Support local business
@RotoGrinders What...Wendal Smallwood week here we go!
Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal
@ZachLowe_NBA I better see Lauri Markennan, Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, Wendal Carter Jr, and Jabari Parker on this lis… https://t.co/piq8JM5hBQ
@bzyboo 『Mr Wendal』よくサザエでかけてる〜
RT @_MatthewBoomin_: Every animal on Planet Earth once all these hurricanes kill us humans https://t.co/RXbR9bsP1G
RT @AiiGod: it's September 21st you already know what tf goin on https://t.co/WMdZPR5psE
You girls know alot about giving advice huh👀
RT @MeechIsDEAD: They Making Space Jam 2 and I’m not doing Voices for the Movie anddddd that makes me sad because I have an amazing… https://t.co/TbKqOuF6u1
RT @ItsAngieSantana: NO SERIOUSLY DO YALL KNOW THIS SONG ????😭😭🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/xfmSB04S3U