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@SamMcGuire90 Keeper had every right to be pissed. No need to welly it.
Primary 3 visit to ZETLAND PARK on Monday, 25 March 2019 to learn about Bird Spotting from a ranger. Please rem… https://t.co/wAZgKARVDl
“I’ve never seen you have that much fun, the last time i saw you smile like that was in welly” - Hollie on seeing me do the show
RT @knorthphotos: I've been poorly recently, hence a lack of posts but feeling much better now & joined the @NCTcharity Welly Tots wa… https://t.co/RdnUV0ug7B
Welly welly welly welly 👌 https://t.co/liIm7Ht3o6
@bimboovag @dips0005 I personally think it’s an absolute joke, but it’s allowed me to take the piss all afternoon h… https://t.co/6Q6jbRNgPX
RT @eva62044916: But if I pulled a you on you I’m wrong right ? 🤦🏽‍♀️
RT @ScottishPatterr: Who left a welly boot there?! 😂😂 https://t.co/Q4uX5KGfil
RT @bretmanrock: I know I’m cute... but I also know when I’m ugly ....
House Fifa tournament has now been narrowed down to just 4, all dreaming of PS4 glory: Bertie PM vs David P Tobias… https://t.co/nNNRJmIAzp
@Ross_Kearns @bryantucker01 I had the 95s 🙈🙈🙈 like a melted welly ffs
Sadly, Red Nose Day has finished with the L6th behind bars. Detention. https://t.co/L7csS6SOH4
Can't beat Welly.... Oh you know the rest. On @interislander to Picton https://t.co/IS3dWOFPXq
RT @Kiaarrrra: Honestly toxic relationships with parents need to be more openly discussed in the Middle eastern / Arab / Muslim communities a thread :
Our final Welly Walk was this afternoon with Key Stage One. Appreciating nature is appreciating God’s work, we love… https://t.co/Pc2hBVBszy
dele alli give it some welly alli
RT @WellyWarehouse: Gorgeous Duke in his new @BogsFootwear from us at WWHQ. #livelifeoutside #weekend https://t.co/rChojV1Owq https://t.co/a95OZQ8gY2
RT @Abo3amoodd: -"أنا بس عايزة أعرف حاجة.." عشان بتبقى عارفة الحاجة كده كده بس بتسلي نفسها.. -أي سؤال قبله "هو انت.." https://t.co/Xd5z9wrkVa
@SocialM85897394 Face like a melted Welly...
When you can't physically be at one of your best mates hen do's you find other ways to be there ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/bktoCGGwjH
@NetworkRailMAN @aliciaforrestx Nothing differentiates men & women quite like stag & hen dos. The girls have gone a… https://t.co/FX5VDSJ06z
@abbielister_ Agree! Also her house wasn’t even a 10 minute walk from welly club! If it was me I’d off made sure sh… https://t.co/hnUg9HciFB
@JoycesWake Welly put, welly put.👍🇫🇮