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@michelley_welly Omg. TRIGGERED 😂 your first instinct was to protect me so ilysm for that. you’re a real REAL one 💕💕💕
RT @MaherMosly: متحمس جدا للموسم الثاني من مسلسل المعاقب واللي حيصدر في ١٨ يناير 😍 🔥 لو ماشفت المسلسل ضروري تشوف الموسم الأول وتل… https://t.co/KWnitJzscS
RT @Gedo_dahmash: مابنخاف من العسكر ولا الرصاص ولو سااالت دمأنا بحووور لا بنطأطئ ولا بننداس ماضيه ماضيه ثورتنا🔥 ويا نحنا يا الإنقاذ ✌ #مدن_السودان_تنتفض
RT @mikegalsworthy: This woman just shredded Theresa May and Brexit beautifully. This is what Question Time should be. 👇😎 https://t.co/crV0hEKT5V
RT @TheACCnz: Perfect shade to hide some sandpaper... https://t.co/noybLYkslE
@1874Northwich Dianne was my 'welly gauge'. I would make final plans for a pitch inspection after hearing what she… https://t.co/urNS0CS9wU
RT @Fact: Caffeine is bad for you, fat is bad for you, sugar is bad for you. But don't worry, because worrying is bad for you too.
@Linny2288 We use the Beaufort scale in our forecasts, so "strong" winds=40-64km/h. We use the windy symbol for sig… https://t.co/rC2BWcwbal
Boom back in welly from a loong break down south. Time to kick back into routine.
RT @AndleebAdel: @screem80 @welly_welwell ايه اللى كاتبة ايه كلب النظام عندك خصومة مع مرتضى معه وبس لكن الصورة اللى حاططها تصرف حقير
RT @TheWelly: Love walking and Cornwall? Come to Boscastle for a week of walks starting 30th March. Check out Boscastlewalkingwee… https://t.co/logkVLLQa9
WELLY 1/72 ラムボルギーニ LP700-4 USB 16GB, ミニカー型USBメモリ https://t.co/RxSC9eGoNs
@welly_meldy 헉 괜찮아요!0! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ일주일동안이라뇨 평생 넘쳐나게 살고싶어요!! 히 감사합니다 !0!😘😘❤
@Farida95959 @welly_welwell حسابى انا صباح الورد اختى
@SukSyed Baba g boht welly Hain.. Farmaty hi Rhety Hain 🤣