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@PrinceKawaii Wow, this is so well done!!! Where did you learn this!? Or was it the olde' self-taught stuff?
RT @AskCheyB: I’m the BEST at what I do. I’m not worried about what others are doing. My only concern is “Did I give my ALL?” If yes... job well done. 🙌🏾
@Brumcast and a peep show gif to cap it off? well done. This is where Mark says he eats still-frozen fries in a drunken stupor!
RT @holyroodboxing: Magic Monday Huge well done to all who completed Tonight's 630pm #Beginners #BoxFit #Skill Class 👏🏻 Get Fit for… https://t.co/YmyQPqLiJc
Some well done sirloin steak with a loaded backed potato is welll needed rn
ICE inauguró edificio de oficinas que le permitirá ahorrar ₡4.700 millones al año https://t.co/bxFoDDJ8Ie vía @gobiernocr WELL DONE PUPILOS
RT @kayandkompany: Well done Dovile 👏👏 Super proud of you!👌💪 #localandproud #Dermalogica #facialcare #experts #kayandkompany #beauty… https://t.co/W0ogceqUjy
RT @NalaMonroe: This was a funny first ep!! Well done ladies 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾... Loved ittt 💕💕💕💕 #UncensoredPod
RT @RealNickAldis: An historic day; we're coming to ITV on Saturdays. Well done to everyone who got us to this point. Now the real wor… https://t.co/ZqEQiNLX8A
RT @KSFYNathan: Hope this @AugieBaseball player lived to play another day....Well done @rahamilton13 @o19donnell @LocalTVSPXPrbs...https://t.co/cUD35K4aGr
RT @JserraGSoccer: 🎉Nice recognition at school today for these ⚽️ girls-CIF medals on a job well done this yr!! #TrinityChamps ✅… https://t.co/U52gaGdIp2
RT @StacKandKompany: Congratulations! Your talent is expert as it is without the title #beauty #congratulations #talented #well done https://t.co/BMBQJrRsfC
@citypalatela was a beyond stellar partner - well done gang! https://t.co/sjnA0DwkF6
@bioware @masseffect I am absolutely in love with this game, EVERYTHING about it. Well done people <3 Drack squad m… https://t.co/Jr754ZTqFW
Well done @DP_World_Aust ! Such great athletes. Stevedores star in AFL Women’s grand final https://t.co/SrwTnHLgjU’s-grand-final-552506.html
RT @TWEETORACLE: Debbie is the surprise element of the show. No one expected her to be around at this stage of the competition. Well done sis! #BBnaija
RT @Arsenal: 🇪🇸 Well done, @HectorBellerin - our right back played the duration of Spain Under-21s' 2-1 win over Italy tonight https://t.co/wwmWoMV5lB
RT @Tucker_YMCA: Well done @Sophia_YMCA, so proud to work with and know you. https://t.co/kuaOnSzJ3m
Last week's winner of the whole rump. Well done Brendan. Subscribe to the Queensland Choice Meats #Toowoomba... https://t.co/EIDV47EZlj
RT @JeffAgoos: @SJEarthquakes @JoeCannonGK1 is a beast! Really enjoyed playing in front of him! Well done.