@marupan_love ありがとうございます! いえいえ!! そうですね!!そうしましょ!!!
RT @HWJCindy: If kids love what they're doing, they don't even know they're learning. #quote #iqrtg #InspireThemRetweetTuesday https://t.co/LMMSTApnk2
RT @crushvocaIs: 2NE1 became the 3rd best selling girl group worldwide in their graves with GOODBYE omg i love stanning dead legends. https://t.co/LtR6hHkwTI
RT @smilexharryx: A behind the scenes video of Louis before his XFactor performance. I am really proud of him. He deserves endless lo… https://t.co/ZRuAKLwKDX
@msriegpurpose eu sempre estive, nunca fui, meu bem. I love you! *faço o símbolo da paz e solto beijou
Ray's a star , just love him 💙💛💙💛 #lufc #mot #undatables
Love it when we get reviews like this one from Amee. Thanks to all of you for making new guests feel this... https://t.co/xAdRwaXyuq
@_JimParsons ..Just had to tell you Thank You for giving us here in Houston a free showing of Hidden Figures...you are awesome..love you!
RT @xeggyx: @TheVampsJames please James 😔❤ that's easy 😭 i love you so much❤🇵🇱 https://t.co/9ZdrFolRZl
RT @shimaong: My elder brother bought this for my second brother from hongkong bc he know how much he love to sing! Wait for the… https://t.co/wCKjZfSN8Y
RT @D_rawwrr: Khaled does the absolute most & I love it. https://t.co/AISIkXRNcW
My new sounds: Love Without End Bitter End 4.1.16 - 6 8 16, 11.38 PM https://t.co/u2aUguNsCd on #SoundCloud
When Love is not accepted then walk away, how will you ever walk into the arms of someone who loves you if you don't
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Sending some extra love to my best friend today. I love and… https://t.co/CYGiM9VweX
Irish John, Irish Aoife, English Emma and me. We absolutely love this couple. #friendsforlife https://t.co/16tlAF6ouJ
I don't believe that anger &sadness are bad, they're just little reminders that we are human. We are flawed. We must learn to love our flaws
RT @KeyettaMarie_: Owner puts up this sign after seeing homeless people around her store in Dallas,Texas. I love this https://t.co/9E1GZpPpB6
RT @MalditangMayora: No one can love you like I loved you.
@fIorencewIch can't believe you made me cry more WTH I love you so much 💖