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love u all nap time stay blessed.c u later if not then c u other side!!!!
RT @alabieber69: When ya crush on Twitter talkin bout how they need a boo but you been trying to love them & treat them right https://t.co/DLmrHyc0wT
Tá, então porque no Euphoria está escrito Love Yourself: Wonder? Tô perdida! https://t.co/aAAQXwXgWu
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RT @curIypoetry: why do i always love ppl more than they love me https://t.co/BQoWkeYOJy
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RT @_HollywoodPapi: The word “Love” has lost its substance these days..
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@geordietop @Ed01889616 I managed to resell them all so no love lost
I'm holding on to pieces of us,hat I just can't let go. I know this is a desperate kind of love, but it feels like it's home
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don't get me wrong, i love michael jackson but if he were alive today he wouldn't be able to pull off the show beyo… https://t.co/lurEzhsJgl