@FoxNews Democrats love the idle mind
RT @Luke5SOS: You guys continue you blow my mind, I’m overwhelmed with emotion. This one feels different and you made it #1 for u… https://t.co/PDvZ5RacPH
It's hard to love you, you know? i know I'm not the only one who loves you, but i'm not selfish because yes, you de… https://t.co/RAeyJRPzkS
RT @JaDinePhilly: Let’s get this to 1M views! James Reid & Nadine Lustre - Prom | From the movie "Never Not Love You [Official Musi… https://t.co/oX7qpDfN6V
RT @Sheeeluhhh: If I fell off tomorrow, would you still love me? https://t.co/JwQn4KkQ9n
RT @sista7668: #Sanctuaries are wonderful..thank you for saving this #baby ... It is so sad she isn't with her mom💔💗😢 But she has… https://t.co/40WblH3gO7
RT @cfm_miku_en: I love Hatsune Miku
RT @minseokoffe: if you want love, you'll have to go through the pain.
RT @heavydusk: i look like a different person everyday love that 🌈🧚🏻‍♀️ #queerpridetwitter https://t.co/dwLpVIbKxH
清麿:帰り道、誰もいないと思って大声で「ドキドキで壊れそう1000%LOVE!!フゥッ!」って振り付け付きで歌ったら、デュフォーがすれ違いざまに「Are you ready?」って言って去っていった。
ain’t no love up in my heart baby it’s plain to see
RT @araslanian_: im gonna raise my kids with so much love and respect but they also gotta know that they can catch this 2 piece combo with no fries any day
@_gela_to ( • < • )/ !!!!!! we finally met henlooooo i love your art !! i'm an instant fan already !!
just realized how much I love anastasia's design in fgo it's fine I'm fine
RT @ExoNoona88: Finally watched the whole performance just now. Noona is so busy nowadays, trying hard to catch up with every minut… https://t.co/MbCH6rneHc
今日から『れさぱんテラス』の改修工事が始まりました。しばらくは、きなこ、大地、しずく、のんたの4頭を見ることが出来ません。ご了承ください。なお、陸くんは工事の間も展示しています。 工事の間は、足元が悪くなっています。ご迷惑をお掛け… https://t.co/jneh2rG9yh
RT @B4DC0FFEE: "I love unity but I wish they'd just update their graphics engine as it looks too cartoony" https://t.co/igDTQHq6VL
RT @blakeaustinn: I date to marry. Like I’m not trying to date you to waste my time and I’m not out here trying to use you just to ma… https://t.co/P6x3jOYlKF
RT @NPRmusic: BTS' (@BTS_twt) "Fake Love" to Janelle Monae (@JanelleMonae), @NPR listeners share the songs they'll have on repeat… https://t.co/xnWacph7H6
RT @whorefactory_: I love my mexican putas ♥️🤪🤪
RT @9702_11: 180624 AK PLAZA 팬사인회 im always so happy to be by your side heheh i love you #로제 #ROSÉ #블랙핑크 #BLACKPINK https://t.co/kobfJa5Yys
RT @ayanes_: my bff deserves fat booty & love, wya hg’s https://t.co/hk18Aevjkg