This shows everything wrong with social media. Girls you do not need to ‘prove’ yourself to ANY man. Hours of getti… https://t.co/2Iptn6rXip
Hahah so true 😂😂👌🏼 HAPPY EPISODE DAY #CanEm fandom 😘❤️🙌🏼 and have a good day love you all😇❤️❤️ https://t.co/APwMDH0Ntk
RT @nchdaq: and i fall in love with you allover again
love it 😎💙🏝️ wunderbare Fotos von oben in der aktuellen Ausstellung im Rathaus Santanyí mit Grossformat-Bildern von… https://t.co/uYIBIlWhTb
RT @asstellor: didnt snap a picture of minnie )): i froze shes so beautiful!! but, ive been w these beautiful girls since debut an… https://t.co/3x39X20pAH
@reeebay Lol noo you dont just go to someone else too quick if you really love that person.😂 ps- If he was still in… https://t.co/FIpjYxdm7K
I really enjoy music from talented people that genuinely love the sound of music and experiment well.. #Oxnard https://t.co/PDJtyMFvhY
@Mahiro_DQ10 どわ膝お疲れ様! 一部の人がうんちで汚していたのが残念でしたが楽しかったよー! また次回も参加しますね(*´•ω•`*)♡
hyunjin...is such a loser wtf i love him
RT @JOBAISREAL: I love you forever and know I could be better
......So today is my boy’s birthday. Ifeoluwa Deji-Lawal your uniqueness is unparalleled. You are kind and you wan… https://t.co/uEurjiaHN8
RT @shawntabuac_: imagine dating someone you love tapos sa concert pa ni LANY, i’d die
@HeartyShaun I usually love cocky and arrogant fighters but Broner is by far the biggest bell end to ever step in a ring
RT @annasofiac: eu olho para o meu namorado e só me apetece encher esse energúmeno de beijos e miminhos im so in love 😩 i can’t afford to lose him
justinbieber can u please follow me? Love ya
RT @JacksonWang852: No diggity- Remix🙏 Very honored to remix this legendary song❤️ Love the original song If you have got time, take a… https://t.co/t1WiNxmgLw
RT @MuhamadSyfiq: One taught me love. One taught me patience. One taught me pain. https://t.co/FPvnL72kcF
RT @ProudDonKiss: Mommy maricel's ig live: Mommy M: Donny, donny Donny:what? Mommy M: sabi ni (i forgot the name sa nag comment)… https://t.co/fgDGTO8rvc
RT @jaywithdabeard: I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! TURN THAT SHIT UP!!!!!! https://t.co/WUUo0Xn0bE
All those I LOVE YOUR FILIPINO ACCENT posts. Maka RILIT mn sd ta! 😂
RT @ScruffyTurtles: "A boy, hmm? I'm envious...to be able to fall in love. I feel I may be well past my prime for that now." Another O… https://t.co/EqXXE8EELz