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whenevr weezer comes on rosie doesnt say "is this weezer" she says "is that rivers?"
Omg the Weezer Christmas album is trash 😂😂😂
Playing Weezer had me so hyped during warm ups
RT @miagarciaa_: Day 3: Island in the Sun// Weezer -this song is the epitome of summer -makes me feel like I'm in a movie https://t.co/8f5qnuWBbp
RT @fannoreturn: เมื่อพวกปี1วิศวะพึ่งได้เกียร์ 555555555555555555555 https://t.co/4ydJTSunH2
UNC childish af actually tryna steal and play when they down double digits with a few seconds left
RT @_Daimarvion_: Everyone say a prayer for Nolan please🙏🏽 https://t.co/vEIZ7FaB5m
@madisonaleyce also Mumford and Sons, Twenty One Pilots, Chance the Rapper, Major Lazer, Weezer, ASAP Ferg, and Lil Yachty😬
the killers weezer panic at the disco fall out boy the all-american rejects gorillaz
i think a lot of people slept on the new weezer album that dropped in march!
my room is so depressing it makes me want to listen to the smiths or weezer
I also stopped listening to boys like girls, weezer, some of blink-182, and we came as romans. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me
Desde @Korn hasta @Weezer, estos son 10 covers random a "Creep" de @radiohead, por nuestros amigos de @FILTERMexico: https://t.co/9vKRO272uG
Anyone wanna see Weezer tmw for $30
@Hansolo1610 i was thinkin weezer but it works