Wedding Song

What is or was your Wedding Song.

@Gcourt800 it's actually the song I wanna dance with my husband to on my wedding day lol sap
at my wedding nelly's "hot in here" will be the first song played and also the next fourteen songs played all from my Spotify free account
Song Jihyo in wedding dress 😍😍😍
RT @harrynoahhaines: Okay honey, but when you listen to the lyrics, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody theme song would make a great first dance at our wedding!
If we're getting married you have to be okay with Cashmere by BADBADNOTGOOD being our wedding song.
@bretteldredge Got married Friday, my wife engraved "You are My Song" in wedding band - "Wanna Be" was our 1st dance
I'm also in this wedding and he asked me what song I wanted to walk out during the reception. My answer was Blow The Whistle by Too Short.
I've already decided that @JamesArthur23 say you won't let go, is gonna be my wedding song πŸ˜»πŸ˜‚
Taught a five year old girl to sing Wedding Bell Blues. The sound of a little voice singing that song killlllls me
AFOLABI - MY WIFE Afro-pop Wedding Song Afolabi Music Group July 28,2016 #music
pay me // veronica vega is gonna be my wedding song.
Ivy is the best song in the world, it'll be my wedding song, my funeral song, my graduation song, it'll be playing when I give birth LOVE IT
Favorite Father-Daughter Wedding Song Ideas
friend of mine. got his wife via bbm. he refused to make "xigubu" their wedding song.
New favorite song 😊TAEYANG - WEDDING DRESS M/V [HD]
David Grey-This years loveRT @SugaryOblivion: 18. If you got married tomorrow (to whoever), what would your wedding song be? #CindyAsks
RT @MorggJayyy: We've had our wedding song picked out since we got engaged but then we heard @JamesArthur23 Say You Wont Let Go & called DJ to change it <3
Anyone who uses Turning Pages as their wedding song before I do, I WILL cut you πŸ–•πŸΌ
RT @MarkBHarrison: @JamesArthur23 Great song mate, our lass wants it as first dance at our wedding on the 29th October. Tells a great story similar to ours.
What song would you want to dance to at your wedding?
@Foxallx @JamesArthur23 It will be our wedding song, or if we save up enough maybe James Arthur himself could sing it for us πŸ™ŠπŸ’™