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Wedding Dj's come together right now!

RT @Hunnnterrrr: I want Alisha Crouch to DJ my wedding
Here's 1 out of 93920558392 reasons why I love this guy! On another note, wanna DJ my wedding @bretteldredge?! 😂😍😁
RT @BrideTide: #Wedding vendors eat too! Brides, remember to include your photographer, DJ & planner in the overall reception food count.
@sfkale me when I thought a wedding DJ called all the single ladies to the dance floor for Beyoncé but it was the bouquet toss
@HollidayAllxn can I still be the dj at your wedding?
I wonder if @BSBDmusic would be down to be the DJ(s) at my wedding.
RT @pinkywinky222: Napaisip tuloy ako. Paano kaya tatapatan ng Maichard ang reel wedding nila sa Sabado? 😅😅😅 #ALDUB66thWeeksary
Amzdeal Disco Ball Party Light 48 LED Rotating RGB Stage Ball Light for DJ Karaoke Wedding…
@dreaanicolex Me too. I have to DJ a wedding on Friday night and I'm flying out Sat morning super early. 💪🏼
Trump's verbal insertions sound like a bad wedding dj #Dumptrump #debatenight
Have keemstar dj at your wedding or billy the fridg... — keem dj at my wedding 100%
My aunt & her friends are planning a wedding reception for 1 of their friends, I offered to DJ and they said "90s hip hop & r&b please" lol
RT @KiaraSade_: I have a strict playlist I need my DJ to play at my future wedding
I have a strict playlist I need my DJ to play at my future wedding
RT @TheRadioDJs: It's a beautiful day for smcrook and the.ev 's #Wedding with southerncharmdfw @DJMikeMorse #DJ
Rajasthani wedding Dj marrige dance: via @YouTube
Hillary went to dj trumps wedding.. bet yall didnt know THAT
You are the best DJ in the NBA @DefectiveAgentC these other guys music is straight wedding crashers
RT @xwnklmnx: Voted DJ Mags #1 Wedding DJ 😉
Voted DJ Mags #1 Wedding DJ 😉