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Pics: DJ Tira’s traditional wedding via @Mzansilivenews
Swear we're gunna have to tell our DJ some of these songs at our wedding
RT @erinduffy__: I want Icebox to DJ my wedding😭😭😂😅
I want Icebox to DJ my wedding😭😭😂😅
RT @Glynnchen: IGUpdates of d dabarkads on KS Wedding #ALDUBTPAnniversary @AldubEurozone @ALDUBNation @JeanSayno @alialsz_aq2…
When the DJ played #Starboy at the wedding last night! Haha
Ion wanna hear the word wedding again 4 a long brother's...the DJ had pretty much the whitest set (except PYT, 1999, & September)
EXCLUSIVE: Mark Ballas Talks Balancing Broadway and Wedding Planning With Fiancee BC Jean #music #musik #musica #dj
November is going to be so exciting! Picking out wedding bands, looking at apartments, seeing DJ one last time before our wedding.. 😭
New Hit Wedding DJ song dance 2016: via @YouTube
RT @JBrockFTP: When you request 2 songs to a DJ at a small wedding, and he has yet to play any after 30 mins 😑
Inadvertent #Saxon wedding! Congrats #MILESANDWEST. So fun rocking for you both on your #wedding day. ✨#MRandMR
Desi Village hot DJ Band Wedding Dance: via @YouTube
Im going to have @DJNoodles DJ at my wedding when I get married His remixes are straight fire er body be like damn Brandon's wedding was LIT
LIVE on #Periscope: Vegas DJ rocking a Vegas wedding come join us!!
麻布十番駅徒歩1分の好立地。料理6品2時間飲み放題no スタンダードプラン。プロ仕様の音響照明システム、ステージ、プロジェクターを完備。専属のDJが常駐なのでお好みの音楽も思うがまま!
DJs play an important role to make your event memorable and livelier. We present Wedding DJ Melbourne.
Had an amazing time with Family DJ'ing for my brother prezalito_ wedding.. 🙏🏽 @ Lights on Kent
@DJMichaelDemby we are so thankful you DJ'd our Manhattan wedding ❤️️you!