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RT @NightValeRadio: Stages of drunk: 1 Buzzed 2 Tipsy. 3 Buzz buzz haha I'm a bee 4 I'm actually a bee how'd this happen 5 A spell?? 6 hehe being a bee is cool
RT @carano_chao: Hj nem toda a maconha do mundo iria tirar essa neurose que é você em minha vida.
RT @Koreaboo: Fans find evidence of Yeri and Xiumin’s close relationship ➜ Read More: https://t.co/VehrspO2qJ https://t.co/evpYxMRspn
獲得:あなたから「さびしい」という禁断症状が出ています! https://t.co/uenNL1wIMi @play_buzzより ハゲたくないぞ〜〜
Milo Ventimiglia Finally Explained Why He Quit Instagram https://t.co/0mT8RYYg6v #buzz
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Dropping your new phone for the first time: https://t.co/ORIiiPqKvk
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❝Jessie /Never/ gives up!❝ -Toy Story. -Ships with Buzz. -Crossovers welcome. #RT ~ 💕 https://t.co/5IJA8GsAwW
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RT @cosmo_ph: Kathryn Bernardo Had A Chill 21st Birthday Celebration In Palawan https://t.co/Y2RlbkgByP
RT @carano_chao: Sou um apaixonado vivendo em um mundo de ilusões.
He made Park Road Shopping Center a neighborhood jewel. Then gave it away. https://t.co/ZUBBXeTQQC
RT @Koreaboo: 4 Times BTS V Was Caught Being Camera Shy ➜ Read more: https://t.co/OqFnurQ6OU https://t.co/qNiLc3vgGx