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Love not obsession
Jack & Elizabeth - Treat You Better (WCTH) https://t.co/LtmsiI8MHo via @YouTube love #hearties
@shittyflute Hi, getting in contact from UK TV show. Would love to chat further about videos. Please email simon.winkler@talkback.co.uk
RT @iamlaurenmiles: The Jamie Foxx Show doesn't get enough love.
RT @GraceVanderWaal: Who doesn't love singing with @ShawnMendes? Check out my #SingWithLG performance now! https://t.co/TBCcgbdSHJ
@Empressbublegum it's not like I love you or anything like that. it's just, I love myself and you're like the centre of my personality. JS😒
RT @kelechnekoff: I love that the son's partner is black haha! This made me tear up a teeny bit 💕💕💕💕 https://t.co/3IJslyQii5
RT @Phillyztrapgod2: i love youngbulls 👶👀 send me📷 vid&🎬 pics 😜 Kik me👉blackpieceoftrade on kik I want to see you bust 🍆💦💦 #RT #retweet https://t.co/dZMXpw4L8g
@RhiDavies0711 OMG love love love ❤️ it rhi!! They are fab xxx
RT @ABOOGlE_: don’t let fake love ruin you
RT @jennlynnwall: if you're thinkin' ab someone, tell them. if you miss someone, tell them. if you love someone, freakin' tell them you're not promised a tmrw
Peaceful resting to those lost during the Pearl Harbor attack December 7, 1941. And much love to the families who lost love ones as well❤️
Never go back to an old love. It's like a book you've already read. You know how it will end.
Pebble's final @kickstarter update: "We will always remember the love you showed Pebble, through thick and thin." https://t.co/26SGfFnEzA
RT @_Eiishaaa: mann i love all my brothers 😩💯 God watch over them all 🙏🏾 i'll lose myself if anything happen to one of them.
Happy birthday to my Princess ! I swore we had more pictures 😢 love you to the moon and back 💕 @Emilys__x https://t.co/NWtc2A5KvS
Started out the day with some @JohnnyStoneHS ripping stuff up with that deck. Love me some good Mage #twitchhttps://t.co/vKcDZiqciD
@abelmargo7 I love you so much please never forget that 💖
I love when people think I give a fuck about they opinion....
RT @keiLilac: 【拡散希望】 LAST HYPER NIGHT トレカ 探している方がいたらお譲りします。 1枚 500円 。送料はこちらで負担します。追跡番号付き希望の方は相談に応じます。 #ジュノ #JUNHO 気になる方はDMに連絡お願い… https://t.co/msOMEzsnWs
@mowpow08 oh yes we love lists! do you use different colors as well for each person?