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@BTS_twt i love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰
@cat_i_love_JHS (당신을 보다가)안녕- 엄청 활기차보이네,신났나봐?
@BTS_twt 😫💜 i love you... 😭
RT @kouei_sy521: 【To loveるの作者】 嫁が池面ニコ生主と浮気&夫のクレジット使い込んで豪遊 ↓ 大炎上 ↓ 本人も炎上に巻き込まれるものの、弱音も吐かず必死に仕事に専念 ↓ 娘の事を第一に考え、嫁に慰謝料を請求する処か、逆に自分が大金を支… https://t.co/T5ZccA5ZP7
RT @indomymenfess: [idm] bantu rt&rep ya myy Jimin beautiful Jimin handsome Jimin lovely Jimin cute Jimin adorable Jimin loveable Ji… https://t.co/CyJ475ChqS
RT @Penny_proud92: I wanna FEEL da same kinda love dat I SHOW 🗣‼️
@bvepsae I'm sorry but I forgot. I LOVE BTS~
RT @yongistct: i don’t care if taeyong is not your bias or if you don’t stan nct at all, but if you see this you have to reply wit… https://t.co/HJ09BJy4KK
💕Nunca hagas florecer una sonrisa diciendo "Te amo" para luego hacer rodar una lágrima diciendo "olvidame".🧡… https://t.co/PJ7iSDJ78w
@BTS_twt LOVE YOU 💜💜💜good to see you are eating well stay healthy 🥺💜
RT @b2lanla: เห็นภาพนี้แล้วจาร้องไห้ มันเป็นของพี่นะไม่ใช่แค่ถ้วยรางวัลที่พี่ได้รับ แต่มันคือการยอมรับโดคยองซูในฐานะนักแสดง เราส… https://t.co/qQLLarYGbV
RT @SheilaMpofana: @PearlThusi Ntsiki is a perfect example of people you need obliterate in your life to have peace of mind. She is to… https://t.co/cqAlwgTMsb
@BTS_twt Jeykey love you!! 💜💜
RT @megIouise: matty healy rlly got on stage in atlanta, went on a massive rant about how their new abortion law is horrific nd sa… https://t.co/7vYNNuQ0Sx
@BTS_twt we love a mukbang sister 🤪