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RT @BTSmal_twt: SONGS @BTS_twt GAVE US IN 2018: Hope World (7) Face Yourself (12) LY Answer (11) Fake Love JPN ver Only Then Sprin… https://t.co/WYsY9CjfJ1
@acryingqueer i love love love you so much i was getting worried but i’m so glad you’re okay my love 💞💞💞💖💞💗
RT @thatboiipinky: Wait till the end 😂 i love Facebook !! https://t.co/GCmeaWSSXO
RT @ACTJISUS: Billboad Best Kpop Albums Critics Pick 2017 2018 BOBBY iKO… https://t.co/Vlkev1v1C7
RT @skertskertt: forget nudes and sex call me at 2 am just to tell me you love me
RT @Only1_Gunna: By the time they start showing you love, you ain’t even gonna want it no more
RT @jlhx12_: ยอดบั้ม love shot ตอนนี้ 338k+ แล้ว ทำลายสถิติยอดขายสัปดาห์แรกของ power(337,254บั้ม) เรียบร้อย ในขณะที่น้องเลิฟช็อต… https://t.co/coZnKepWwC
RT @BTS_Esq: @btschartdata Dude help the US ARMYs out... WIOM/FL Spotify party next please. 💜 WIOM needs metrics (Spotify/Shazam… https://t.co/HzFq6fzxv2
no hay 1 día q pueda dormir tranquila sin despertarme 80 veces con ataques panico omg i love ser una demente
Fine ass women love big bad villains. Plain and simple. 785jamiedoodle jellyroll615 @omgitsbunnie #badapplehttps://t.co/TFIByeE0ur
RT @MrJeromeTrammel: REMINDER: It only takes one second to say: - I love you. - I apologize. - Can we talk? - You were right. - I don’t… https://t.co/Ojef5cVKNX
RT @NittyPeckky: ผลจากงาน UNICEF พี่ถามว่าเพลง This is Love ภาษามือแบบเต็มเพลงไม่มีเหรอ นี่เลยต้องเอาคลิปตอนซ้อมให้แทน แล้วนางถึงกับ… https://t.co/06QiNix3QL
RT @Rie5124s: Love Fighter更新あり。 そして、渋谷でロケね。 今日は2人一緒。 #KinKiKids #会いたい会いたい会えない
RT @eilishupdates: billie turns 17 years old today! happy birthday bil, lots of love on your day 🖤 https://t.co/fKrAQtV0tR
@kijaa_k You’re welcome love.
😡👊💕💗💓 I LOVE YOU MORE https://t.co/P09llbNsDC
RT @TaylorJenaLee: stop playin with me. H.E.R. by a landslide. Queen shouldn’t have even made the list. love SZA but her live perform… https://t.co/OaoT2IUEkF
Time for the sleeps. Goodnight. I love and appreciate all of you. Stay safe.💜🌙✨
RT @jyoungwhite: my love language is bothering people
wonder if julius knows i talk about him to all my friends. i hope he knows how much i love him :-) https://t.co/J5lKZo6UG4
RT @lizdimitria: friendly reminder that it's never too late to start doing that thing u love, to rewrite ur whole self and ur aspira… https://t.co/zDkOBqIOyD
@joshbeauchamp i love my life because my life is you 💘❤💋💗❤💝💛💞💖💕💋💛💙💛💙💚💜💝