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RT @LoloZouai: You guys showed me so much love ❤️ https://t.co/XanaOkKPhL
RT @blusidehoya: I genuinely and honestly love Shooky, he’s annoying but in a cute way y’all are just MEAN
Sending love to the universe cuz I don’t know where I’m gonna send to
RT @minimayu0818: HYDEさんからLINEきて 喜んでてピースしてた💜 HYDEさんに片思いしてる ってなんかもう可愛すぎた #ジェジュン #Defiance #np 思い出しながら書いてます🙇‍♀️
RT @nubianxdeusa: I’m going to travel with the love of my life. I’m speaking it into existence. https://t.co/OSuAayRIyS
@ridbay @Highersavage it is really fun, in fact I love it. But, it doesn't make any sense.
@VowXhing @EstherThePig Love Phil too!! Shocked that he was also eating on a pumpkin!
RT @iZEEVZONED: Him:"mahal mo?" Me: "oo, sobra." Him: "bat mo sinukuan?" Me: Hindi naman kasi porket mahal mo, ipaglalaban mo na… https://t.co/jqPPvMXXJF
RT @Only1_Gunna: i want a bond so tight that even on bad terms u still run to me 1st
RT @dingdinghopkin: Right, need your help twitter folk. My wife has found this wedding ring and it has the date 15.9.55 and the initial… https://t.co/sXMHxunqUX
RT @95VJMIN: what bts song did you get based on your zodiac sign? Aries — IDOL Taurus — SERENDIPITY Gemini — JUST ONE DAY Can… https://t.co/dfO2nyJCpa
@StuParish Love it. All staircases should feature something, much more interesting,
RT @RM__MX: [HD] #BTS #남준 #RM @BTS_twt 19/10/18 [LOVE YOURSELF TOUR en París] El nivel de lindura en estas fotos. 🤧💖💖✨ Cr.A… https://t.co/j6grH7imBz
RT @raspinstuwart: My "NY2LA" new CD IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign☮️I wanted to post a sample of "Smoke The Hookah" artwork by the am… https://t.co/9CE9G6mnMu
sora_love_sora: 新聞にも取り上げられました。パワハラで自殺に追い込んだ・・・動物のことをやりたいなら他へ行け~栃木県動物愛護指導センター・栃木県生活衛生課 https://t.co/jJAjOUNQEahttps://t.co/JKUlAKSNGU
RT @moriku_bo_uzu: 346プロ流鉄道旅の楽しみ方選手権 入賞 荒木駅(福岡県)〜比奈駅(静岡県)までの切符を買って乗り継ぐ 藍子ちゃんと往くゆるふわ延滞証明書集めの旅 「オリエント急行殺人事件」を読ませた都といっしょに寝台列車に乗る 双葉杏が… https://t.co/HIw7B94dOX
RT @DOwithlovexoxo: RUBICON Rubicon river (Latin: Rubicō) = RED river Crossing the Rubicon = Pass the point of no return "Unable to res… https://t.co/vUOHUqFcnG
RT @lubnakhtar1: and she fell in love with the way words dropped from his eyes....