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love don’t live here & it don’t even visit
I'm so proud of you baby @zaynmalik i love youuuuuu ❤
@a_a_1029love スキなように呼んでくれたら嬉しいです!!
RT @greencloverking: Ang pangarap ko para kay Joshua ay ang Forever niya kay Julia, it’s more than enough to see our favorite couple hap… https://t.co/ytIbTIEUPP
RT @Heyhaechan: Haechan didn't attend Mark's graduation because he was sleeping and now Doyoung didn't watch Mark on Life Bar becau… https://t.co/ribb1Iw1nf
RT @cee_gonz: i look for love in every stranger
@mrsnar1101 Love u 😘😘😘😘🥔☘️🍀
RT @DeniseJCChen: 20180317 THE MISSION IV - The last decoration from Yunho chef!! 🤪🤪🤪 #東方神起 #ユンホ #유노윤 #Yunho #幕張ビギイベ17日昼… https://t.co/ofqa5hLVsi
@reamjen2019 Thanks J Ream ,, so much love 💓💓
@spockmurphy Thank you! This is why I love my job.
RT @Cesjordan: I'll enjoy eating your ass, you'll love it my queen... 😛😋😍https://t.co/AUYKdYK81p
Damn I love Vincent Price's voice.
RT @nicratwoman: For most men the love of justice is only the fear of suffering injustice. Francois de La Rochefoucauld https://t.co/CmcpWbe8E7
RT @texts_bts: Yoongi: i love all of my group members Yoongi: Jung Hoseok and uhh *looks at smudged writing on hand* kit namjohg,… https://t.co/P91pg1pgcS
RT @madison_bizal: Happy birthday cap @HeisemanT 😻 love you 💙💙 https://t.co/PF4cqaViP7
RT @silverrich39: Sky news paper review. Rachel Shabi went to war for Jeremy Corbyn, and is the ONLY journalist to do so! The jumped… https://t.co/9GSB5r6vqp
RT @BillyAraujo2: People that say this only love it because they go to vacation . They don't know how it is to live in them https://t.co/aAAWk2hdQ9
@MiniLaddd MINI I LOVE YOU PAPI lol no homo