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RT @morethanever_jk: 정국 Euphoria 완곡 들을 날이 얼.마.안.남.았.thㅓ.요.... BTS (방탄소년단) 'Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder' https://t.co/bcEEdor6tP
RT @kathy_71308: imagine how in love you have to be to think oh fuck it im ma buy you a star https://t.co/rw0eT538YK
RT @btsbtslove7: 트랙리스트 보셨죠. 역대급이네요 이벤트를 해야 할 시점이 온거 같아요. 앨범 다들 사셨겠지만 혹시 못사셨거나 나눠줄 사람이 있으신 트친분들은 리트윗만 해주세요. 세 분 추첨해서 한세트씩 보내드릴게요♥… https://t.co/pC4rJWMHN0
The @iHeartRadioCA #MMVAs⁠ ⁠ #iHeartRadioMMVAs are on CTV and MUCH and my Fan Fave New Artist vote is… https://t.co/GWYjYgZz6H
@EDWINSHONERET ugh yes i love it now
RT @BigHitEnt: [기사] #방탄소년단, LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ 트랙리스트 공개…7개 신곡 포함 총 25곡 수록 https://t.co/KM6immJ5Ys
RT @thejonaxxboys: I really love this chapter. Kung hindi nagalit si Amber, baka mas mapatagal pa ang pag-amin niya. Though, medyo nak… https://t.co/2W6XXYuHbS
RT @violadavis: Happy birthday my beautiful sistah!! Love you ❤️ https://t.co/X63OJbXoC4
namjoon cuando estaria grabando la parte de i wish i could love myself en reflection me imagino a todo bts en la ca… https://t.co/VTInOjwhuM
@ajsvwja_sjsvs ( 아닌데 ... 비애가 더 귀여운데 ... )
RT @Ars_sk_24: ⿸出会って数年 あれは偶然な気もするね 気づけば"20年"⿻ ・ ・ ・ 嵐さんしか愛せない✡。:* #RTかいいねで気になった人お迎え https://t.co/HqgNJDqOXJ
@i_noise92 بسم الله عليج .. من زعل الحلو؟ أشري عليه بس https://t.co/CNqnQ2hRAb
RT @BTSdailyinfo: [INFO] @BTS_twt #AnswerIn4days Updated designs for the contents in the LOVE YOURSELF: ANSWER album. https://t.co/pozq7YxbDt
RT @DRSDY21: 썅년의 미학 볼때마다 이 컷은 너무 공감되는게 나도 딸이라서 태어나지도 못할뻔했음 https://t.co/bZ7gndH132
Love these guys!! Deer Park linebackers...we got more, come see me!! @blakestephenso1 @race_moser @rob_bombhttps://t.co/u9mdByuSJc
@KevinOnCFB Love those "neutral" games by the SEC. How about a home at home?
RT @BigHitEnt: [기사] #방탄소년단, LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ 트랙리스트 공개…7개 신곡 포함 총 25곡 수록 https://t.co/KM6immJ5Ys
RT @taehyungjd_: @BigHitEnt track #16.... answer: love myself the answer is love myself. self love is the only key to make ourselves… https://t.co/3ifLUmnL82
Happy Birthday to my Little B❤️3️⃣ big sissy will always be here for you no matter what. I love you😘
RT @randomspirits: Hi I'm Tim Kaminski, art director and environment artist. I love painting colorful environments, playing all sorts… https://t.co/mBMCWPq9zf
RT @PaulFox13: I love #Florida. Grandma getting some fresh air in wheelchair in back of pick-up truck on Fowler. "Hello Kitty" air… https://t.co/BaI70ghWZB
RT @sarahhhthomasss: Telling people I love them and I hope they have a good day is my coping mechanism