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RT @matthaig1: The trouble is that Donald Trump, the most powerful man in the world is a troll. He has legitimised being a scumbag. Scumbaggery has won.
RT @lilyachty: @xxxtentacion u breaking music barriers while they gotchu behind bars. That's amazing homie. See u in the free world soon playa.
How Nokia made the modern cell phone - CNET: [https://t.co/Dp1A5M6GVW] Nokia is planning a comeback at Mobile World… https://t.co/HeBcVDYSfm
RT @DiligentTruth: @jonnyhusband1 It isn't changed by bowing to the wishes of the unelected Bilderberg Media World MSM is owned by just 6 multi billionaires
RT @RandallTrang: World record for longest interview https://t.co/GLXPT82vnj
RT @nightvisioms: 🕷Questions thread 🕷 (Quote with Make The World Emo Again)
RT @SincerelyTumblr: asshole to the world but sweetheart to his girl https://t.co/2s6udskLYL
RT @ZEPUR777: @myall3000 @ali33322216 Hello friends! Good morning! Good evening! Good day! Everyone! Everyo… https://t.co/F5uJRtLmCy
@MarshaCollier sleep tight dear, a world of adventure awaits you!
RT @shonenjump: Watching Yu-Gi-Oh! on Hulu. Do you think the people who don't play Dual Monsters in this world are looked down on or made fun of? UB
RT @Rugbystuff: The world rankings just got interesting thanks to that @Scotlandteam victory over Wales! #SCOvWAL https://t.co/Cktbz6bh5O
RT @RTarabic: بالفيديو.. لحظة إطلاق النار على منفذ عملية الدهس في هايدلبرغ الألمانية https://t.co/qs7foQqDFG https://t.co/meGSMR86sJ
RT @AnnCoulter: Witches around the world gathered at midnight last night to cast a spell on Trump & his supporters. It was good to see Hillary out again.
Spain appoints 'sex tsar' in bid to boost declining population - The Independent https://t.co/OBWFK4DUY6
RT @foreigncorr1: @Brown666W grt broadcast corrs from Scotland doing grt reporting around world @sommervillebbc @martinpatience @AlanFisher to name but three
RT @____AllieGator: I wish the world was a better place
RT @sydsuz: girls can get treated so poorly and never want another guy but guys can have the world and still want another girl it's so sad
@alicesgrammy i noticed no world series patch on the unis unless they are saving those for reg season
RT @Kehlani: boys & girls listen up. you can be anything in the world, in god we trust.
RT @TWEETORACLE: The most Influential men in the world are followed & listened to on Twitter not IG. What does that tell u? #9javersusfriday @DEMOLAEXPOZE
Boars, Rabbits and Ravens?! Hunt and Cook YOUR way to success! #HuntCookGame https://t.co/wiLdWIsDjy https://t.co/4A2XP7OZcA
The world's quietest room is so quiet it can give you hallucinations. No one has been able to stay in the room longer than 45 minutes.
7 amazing technologies we'll see by 2030 https://t.co/rhCDNLQwUi via @SAI
RT @DVATW: Brilliant. BBC banned by the White House. https://t.co/IOk1sAAEtj