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I really read people replies on here from aroun da world all da time....wen I say ppl toooooo fuckin stupid dog πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
RT @bapsaranaritsa: B.A.P 2017 WORLD TOUR 'PARTY BABY' SEOUL BOOM [170324] DAY-1 #BAP #BAP_2017WORLDTOURE #PARTYBABY #SEOULBOOM https://t.co/zJk8oAykdf
RT @thatboyfan: GUESS THE SONG Feels like this could be forever tonight Break these clocks, forget about time There could be a World War 3 goin' on outside
RT @Fiseebililah: #mothers sacrifice themselves, just to make you stand against the world.. good companionship ur mother,ur mother,u… https://t.co/smcU0oBTsp
RT @taysadoll: Mother Earth is crying because her children lack empathy. This world is filled with simple minded fucked up people and it is draining
RT @beourguest: Disney's #BeautyAndTheBeast is the #1 Movie in the World 🌹 See it in 3D and IMAX this weekend:… https://t.co/L7r1pPafar
RT @Halo: The Halo World Championship 2017 Finals is live! Watch the top teams in the world compete for $1,000,000 at… https://t.co/Mb2DybOOxK
Blast Outside Bangladesh Airport Kills Bomber: Police.. https://t.co/RgYtVu66zo
RT @rezaaslan: Trump said he didn't give a shit about rules of engagement and this is the result. https://t.co/uZZwS7JZbz
I liked a @YouTube video from @TechSmartt https://t.co/P2bPonubs5 WORLD RECORD Fidget Spinner Giveaway (100+)
RT @aalicesayss: me: the world is such a wonderful place bro i just want to travel and go on adventures forever also me: https://t.co/XDeFw8Du1L
Denise King, MCEA president, is learning about social media at winter leadership! Look out social world, here she... https://t.co/JLvmBLRkAe
@Harry_Styles thanks for shining my world
RT @catbrennan: Pls @GOP I'm 43 w/ stg 4 cancer. There r txs 2 keep me alive but I will die without them. I still have much 2 give… https://t.co/nfuTN0Ig7p
RT @Livesnooker: πŸ† ICYMI: Peter Lines is the 2017 World Seniors champion after a 4-0 whitewash of John Parrott in the final in Scunt… https://t.co/VeTKDNYfIr
RT @KanchanGupta: With an estimated 500,000 Indians living illegally in US, deportation could snowball into major issue. https://t.co/n9MFKPbcNe
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ How disastrous for Trump is healthcare collapse? https://t.co/SkCypkCDLY
RT @_miyamarie: Niggas will tweet the realest shit in the world, lock they phone put it in they pocket and go right back to being a fraud πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Mr_Alhamdo I know nothing I can say will help, but please know that not all the world has forgotten you or Syria. We will keep fighting.
Why is a bunny :he luckiest animal in the world? It has four rabbits' feet!
@LadyJay_001 @InvictusDad It's not a bad thing. It's liberating. But it does open up a world of possibilities.
RT @FoxNews: Hero monkeys helped lost man survive for days in Amazon rainforest https://t.co/FgeZCfFCWe https://t.co/JDyWE4DlbJ
RT @lovelybrodie: I love girls so much they're so pretty and soft I want to kiss every girl in the entire world
RT @PentagonINA: [VIDEO] Pentagon Message for 2017 CUBE Star World Audition In Taiwan #νŽœνƒ€κ³€ https://t.co/CJawyQbeca