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RT @robbrrrtt: Waiting for X to come out and show y’all what he’s been trying to prove. Nobody care about you till you’re dead. This world fake as fuck
RT @waltshaub: @CNNPolitics Nonsense. @IvankaTrump is complicit. Her face is now a hot flashing neon beacon of guilt that will pre… https://t.co/Fx2m1lfBT9
RT @NOONA101FANSUBS: [NEWS] WannaOne will depart today (20th) for a full 3 month World Tour. WannaOne will depart from Incheon Airport… https://t.co/tzQr3LyrHV
I have the perfect touch of autism and adhd and am the most creative person in the world it’s only a matter of time… https://t.co/O8YYNxcLG3
RT @FreakyLeeky: You die and people use it for likes. Cold world we living in. https://t.co/A2eRJw6VQE
RT @SaysHummingbird: You are reading this headline about the United States of America, not Nazi Germany. This is 2018, not 1938. Child… https://t.co/XypnCdhAYV
RT @chelseahandler: We just quit the UN citing “human rights abusers.” Um..,hello? All women from Trump’s administration should resign. https://t.co/xyp51UZCUq
RT @MothershipSG: Japanese fans clean up stadium after Columbia loses 1-2 to Japan in World Cup 2018 https://t.co/4MsPCdCsaD https://t.co/vx9eAXQ2AC
+ set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world
RT @TheDemCoalition: "Canada has become the first wealthy nation in the world to fully legalize marijuana. It could become a model for o… https://t.co/qNfnU0jbhJ
@ashleytisdale Do you consider doing a world tour soon? #askashley
RT @TheLeeAldridge: The entrepreneurial world never ceases to amaze me! These days, being a successful entrepreneur, no matter the indu… https://t.co/GV5oJozMLQ
RT @waltshaub: @CNNPolitics Nonsense. @IvankaTrump is complicit. Her face is now a hot flashing neon beacon of guilt that will pre… https://t.co/Fx2m1lfBT9
@LuciParadise1 @stevenj0330 The world is definitely a small world. The people of Normandy would be forever grateful… https://t.co/0viNSEa9HF
RT @Reuters: Japan become the first Asian side to beat South American opponents at the #WorldCup https://t.co/TZ1WeH2Mx4 For mor… https://t.co/WGlc4cMJna
RT @ava: I look at myself as a girl and imagine having to travel unsafely in a quest for safety. Be forcibly separated from… https://t.co/oLF8rJ8eh5
RT @BESTFRIEND__92: 180620 รายการ Travel The World on EXO's Ladder - CBX's Japan EP23 Link >> https://t.co/Eaa1bqShxB #EXO_CBX #첸백시… https://t.co/lBoXDvNzR4
RT @DarrenBarker000: If you've read any of Darren Barker's novels you'll have an idea of what to expect from this collection, but if you… https://t.co/ruWoGyGpU9
RT @Oddschanger: 🇨🇴 Radamel Falcao makes his #WorldCup debut today.. Crazy to think he's never played at a World Cup before! 😲 #COL https://t.co/ewnK3AvaJf
RT @RepMattGaetz: "In this country, we cannot live in a world where unelected people at the #FBI get to shelter someone who was activ… https://t.co/r1ZBoS9wct
Too much design not enough design philosophy in the world
RT @JustJimWillDo: I honestly didn't know that I was supposed to follow a service dog in a vest if it approached me by itself. I do n… https://t.co/25tfHnP9Sv
RT @_MarioTrash: Richard Pryor high off coke during a movie shooting lunch break, exposing Hollywood and the sick world. https://t.co/x3k8LKO9CU
RT @Yuitra0128: Japan just became the first Asian nation to beat a South American Side at World Cup !!!!! We did it !!!!! YATTAAAAA… https://t.co/FmTUMlgGIk
RT @PaigeHyland1: life was so much better when we were oblivious to how shitty the world and people truly can be