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RT @Thedollnae_: Michael Jackson was too pure for this world 😢 https://t.co/VUswSUdEHj
RT @benchtm: “Style tips you can share?” @colesprouse: Pick whatever you want... You’re essentially asking for an interaction w… https://t.co/A7cUmi8gqq
RT @GOT7Official: GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR 'EYES ON YOU' IN NEW YORK Ticket open! 2018.04.21(SAT) 12PM(EDT) @ TICKETMASTER (… https://t.co/5JZGLOPZQb
RT @lovelive_SIF: 💗Aqours #国木田花丸 が限定UR部員として限定BOX勧誘に登場!💗 覚醒後:「WATER BLUE NEW WORLD」衣装 覚醒前:TVアニメ2期第2話私服 4/30(月)15:00までの期間限定!是非チェックしてくだ… https://t.co/OE5KUQoQs8
RT @NewsfromScience: 26 air sensors atop U.S. embassies are meant to protect the health of diplomats -- but they're also beginning to se… https://t.co/4NdlxLPyfy
Some day, I'll figure out how to make my Dog Rescue Project idea work and it will be the mosy rewarding contributio… https://t.co/CdRqUHTEP1
RT @_pink_latte: 🌻香音卒業MOVIE🌻 香音©️の卒業インタビュー&メッセージMOVIEが公開です。 今日から4/27までの1週間の限定公開❗️ https://t.co/TNa7FUoAhK https://t.co/ztHtbFPmDa
RT @thisisFINLAND: In case you didn't hear the news yet: World Happiness Report 2018: "There is a new top-ranking country, #Finland"!… https://t.co/HRSnD6DG3W
RT @GOT7Official: GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR 'EYES ON YOU' IN NEW YORK Ticket open! 2018.04.21(SAT) 12PM(EDT) @ TICKETMASTER (… https://t.co/5JZGLOPZQb
RT @Phil_Lewis_: J. Cole fans: Real hip-hop is finally back Me: Ok but we weren’t even talking about- J. Cole fans: REAL HIP HOP… https://t.co/6uwZVUdBNJ
RT @LidarMonkey: How #geospatial analytics, machine learning going to give impetus to disaster management - Geospatial World (press… https://t.co/Fb80jp6Qo6
Can you crack the world's hardest #crossword? That's the question that media outlets around the world, including… https://t.co/QDGye1AqKn
RT @sheffdocfest: After winning our 2015 Grand Jury Award for @SyrianLoveStory, @mcallisterfilms is returning to #sheffdocfest to ope… https://t.co/YAo8GnxynF
British artist scoops first prize in the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards https://t.co/9nMKVTzmJb
You must be the change you wish to see in the world
Your world has come alive with sights and smells that seem to ... More for Taurus https://t.co/WboZA1txsV
@jeffralis Kanang 24/7 calls and updates and txt ahahha isolating myself from the world kasi we talk 😂😂
RT @aliyouby: if you not tryna be like this with me all over the world, don't even look my way https://t.co/2sQPYDWmiW
RT @choi_bts2: MBC enews Global idol @BTS_twt new album ranked at No1 in the largest online site Amazon in one day of the pre-orde… https://t.co/hPxXJZX75P
RT @BDandCo: The work of @PEPFAR has helped change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and we are proud to continue our Labs fo… https://t.co/s6wR6SCfwI
J cole just changed the world 🤭🔥
RT @chanelflame: Hey guys remember back in December 2016 when you helped fund my grandmothers heart surgery? Well today is her birth… https://t.co/ne8QR4w394
RT @djoeclarke: Comey: No one around Trump to stop impulsive behaviour https://t.co/9iwmg9ZxsT
RT @JeremiahTaki: Kenya Please! WE NEED TO URGENTLY REPENT! #ShockingFaultlineProphecy Let nothing prevent you from SEEING THE HOLY… https://t.co/UZfZkd1TTa
RT @iDailyRapFacts: NEW MUSIC DROPPING AT MIDNIGHT J. Cole - K.O.D (Album) Wiz Khalifa - 4/20 Freestyle 6LACK, Khalid & Ty Dolla Sig… https://t.co/TEPKAWL3fq