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RT @Dialog_UA: Во Франции задержали более 20 кадыровцев с оружием и деньгами: СМИ узнали цель "диверсантов" https://t.co/PSMeuGOXzx
RT @byrawpixel: Let's take care of this only world we have - for these kids to continue and enjoy living in it 🌎 Link:… https://t.co/BYje2dPmHs
RT @______PRINCE: #WorldFoodDay Millions Go Hungry Everyday Around The World. A Good Reason For You To not Waste Food. Bcoz Only A H… https://t.co/Mc6Kkplsr8
Every single day to unarmed people why it's silent the world Where's united Nations Where's Muslims country Where's… https://t.co/WgfPUxR5yw
RT @parkjiminpics: the softest angel in the whole world https://t.co/R0RJEAllbV
Ukraine and Russia step up a confrontation, and the US is not a bystander https://t.co/U7fsLQfRzX
RT @kstarlivecom: #BTS' #Jin is Just Selected as 'World's #1 Naturally Art Face,' Beating Other 5,000 Entrants for Male Celebrity… https://t.co/Tb0F3knzIe
RT @DAEHWI_TH: [VID] 📽 181016 Wanna One World Tour [ONE : THE WORLD] In Seoul DVD | เหมือนระหว่างการซ้อมน้องแดฮวีจะหลุดเสียงออกมาน… https://t.co/zl5Nrm2CTe
This World Breastfeeding Week, all South Africans should know their rights on breastfeeding in the workplace. RT if… https://t.co/dUm65mIkZm
RT @PARKJIHOON__TH: [VID] 181016 Wanna One World Tour in Seoul DVD | 보여 (Day by Day) - #พัคจีฮุน Focus #박지훈 #parkjihoon https://t.co/T7i9DtXCko
RT @AunindyoC: Sadly, it was Upamanyu Chatterjee’s pedestrian prose in the late-80s that opened the door to the Chetan Bhagats of… https://t.co/VSh7GfP7Ka
RT @VinieO: Everyday I walk in the morning & evening and all I am scared of is being robbed. Now imagine for women, its the tho… https://t.co/iBD6X03e19
RT @Cernovich: Stories like these don’t make me angry. They make me....sort of sad. This is a United States Senator. This is the w… https://t.co/etyaBHg1Ad
@my_melody_world 에ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저 현참가랴고 5시에 일어나서 앉아잇다 그대로 그냥 자버렷음니다ㅠㅋ ㅋ큐큐큨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 쇼챔가려구요ㅠ 쿠ㅠ튜ㅠㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋ
RT @Headspace: The health of our mind matters to ourselves, to those around us, and ultimately to the entire world. https://t.co/iyvl9SBqYO
RT @neiltyson: Imagine how much more advanced society would be today if women, who comprise half the world’s brain power, were soc… https://t.co/NRkxeKNc7d
RT @Americas_Crimes: Thomas Sankara's family has asked France to release its files on his assassination, but they have refused. https://t.co/bFR0cNlA1K
RT @DAEHWI_TH: [VID] 📽 181016 เบื้อหลังการถ่ายภาพของน้องแดฮวีสำหรับคอนเสิร์ต จาก Wanna One World Tour [ONE : THE WORLD] In Seoul D… https://t.co/5NxQHLD9DP
the inside of my casts are soaking wet and this is the absolute worst feeling in the world. a nightmare I didn't know I had.
RT @joshgnosis: On "white privilege" Pauline Hanson says the 60,000 Australians lost in World War I were "probably nearly all white"
RT @hallaboutafrica: Big train. South Africa's Transnet Freight Rail makes new world record with freight trains, running a 375-wagon tra… https://t.co/cL29gHnzRg
Happy World Food Day! Remember to buy a meal for someone today. Share the love with that driver, cleaner, guard, a… https://t.co/01KfTTHdXL
RT @GoAwayWithJae: It wasn't that long ago that Jin's mom listened politely as her friends bragged about their sons' achievements. I k… https://t.co/sMxNLVyR6F
Putting all your time and effort into something and not seeing results is the most vibe killing thing in the world
Day 15 - Dirt, Lamia, Owl, and Weak https://t.co/rY8R1lWJUg I have fallen a day behind or am I still on time for… https://t.co/0xyQy2ptlA