We Are Heros

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Listen to we are Hero's tonight by DJVAYDR #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/K3izbGq5nB enak
@austincarlile @DCComics so nice of them! to go through so much and still be here, i say we are heros in itself 💪🙌🙌
@Toby__Berger we are Heros everyday never forget
ISIS kills innocent people they are terrorist, We go and kill innocent people we are heros? explain...Eye for an Eye you both are blind
@RealTimFerguson Lucky us! Those with chronic illness can help save the country by paying more for pathology and bloods. We are heros
#1dhistory We are heros, and heros neber die
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/v6v1kpCCMr We are Heros - Best of 2015 #1
@juanvalientehr ...every hero chooses and makes his way. We can do it, we are heros! #rrhh
#kenya7s congratulations boys ,let's show Trumph that we are heros
bulloney we have fighters causing havoc in syria scaring them out and now we are heros...what makes no sense..I... https://t.co/RCs6Iw4rgn
@wyatt_rw you working it too? I think its safe to say we are heros!!