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crushed by Wayne Simmonds and his grit while baby boomers yell Nylander insults. https://t.co/0LZclZ1Yoj
Curious to know what Ranger fans think but I would really enjoy the idea of NYR going after Wayne Simmonds on a sho… https://t.co/FCbY0Owa1u
RT @TSN690: Lots of @NHL playoff and free agent talk with @NHLAdamK this morning on the #WeekendGamePlan with @MatthewWords.… https://t.co/88gVT2mLYn
Lots of @NHL playoff and free agent talk with @NHLAdamK this morning on the #WeekendGamePlan with @MatthewWords.… https://t.co/88gVT2mLYn
it’s cute that there are so many leaf fans who think wayne simmonds has any value.
@redmack6 @JRubia93 Trade him for the UFA rights to Wayne Simmonds!!!! LMAO.
@LilJennaBear @torontobaghead Source on the hamilton and ferland bit? Also Wayne Simmonds isn’t what he used to be.… https://t.co/kPCf86JCMn
@torontobaghead Ya I guess Wayne simmonds would of reallly helped lmao casual asf
At least we got... *checks notes* One goal out of Wayne Simmonds. https://t.co/EwrWMTopbz
Wayne Simmonds to Chicago for Adam Boqvist #NHLTrade
@torontobaghead He had a deal on the table. Nylander for Pesce or Hamilton and Ferland. He opted not to make the de… https://t.co/rUuUtoyljx
You know who would’ve been a perfect addition for this Canes team? Wayne Simmonds circa 2014.
Why is this man hurting my feelings with reminders of Wayne Simmonds and Coach Q curving Philadelphia
NBA: TJ Mcconnell NFL: Alshon Jeffery MLB: Jean Segura NHL: Wayne Simmonds?? https://t.co/SkHdhjvhJy
@Canucks @fr_aquilini please.. jim benning.. do not sign tyler myers.. he is not the top 4 we need.. do not sign wa… https://t.co/9lhPLlHfek
@SabresBuzz If they resign skinner, maybe Oloffson line 2, Vanek 3, I’d love a Patrick Maroon or Wayne Simmonds. Th… https://t.co/KLXSjRtEZs
I'm just waiting to see how much Ken Holland pays Wayne Simmonds and if he gives him a NMC.
@HockeyProbSouth Wayne Simmonds, Tom Wilson
@HockeyProbSouth 1. Augusta GA 2. Savannah GA 3. Philadelphia Flyers 4. SC Stingrays 5. Wayne Simmonds 7. Shrimp 8… https://t.co/t0UsREB4CA
@Nick422 And then they'll blow the cap savings on a bad contract for Wayne Simmonds or someone else with "push back."
RT @rileyruble11: All Time favorite player each sport COPY...PASTE...EDIT...GO!! NBA - Ben Wallace NFL - Michael Vick NCAAF - Reggi… https://t.co/uPuqQqfdS3
@killzachynReal @BigTamelin @TaroTsujimoto76 You’ll never make the team because you’re gonna be a bigger dust then… https://t.co/hBfhPLxgek
@alexhoegler @CanuckCalvert Like I said, they're not great - but again, the Bruins are far from alone:… https://t.co/XSuVOkpwBP