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RT @ctuniversity: Students - Your instructor is waving the checkered flag! You are in the final stretch with only one week to go in… https://t.co/5XWD9O7C8a
RT @treemydog1969: @deeaknight keep waving that Russian flag
'Terminator Salvation' - quasi-religious b*ll*cks and flag-waving incipient in 'Terminator III' given free reign. Sooner poke out my eyes!
anyone has that meme of kermit waving the lgbt flag
@brgredd Almost feels like he's already waving the white flag.
Lexy takes a turn waving the class flag. https://t.co/KtRf4fMvlu
RT @Sanesational: Tomorrow is an even more so now, a must progress tomorrow, would be a shame to have a 15th placed side waving the flag for England #UCL
@deeaknight keep waving that Russian flag
@ems9393 @FoxNews @FLGovScott You mean like 45's supporters at CPAC that didn't know they were waving the RUSSIAN f… https://t.co/dysnhPsSKG
I'm waving the flag on this story. #❤myyogawear https://t.co/JZSgDnD0Yx
Remember when the Orlando incident happened and @flo_tweet sang spectrum "sayyyy my naaaammme" waving the rainbow flag. ICONIC. 😭🏳️‍🌈 tears.
@CounterMoonbat @LyndaG1963 I guess he would prefer illegals,waving the Mexican flag,yelling death to America.
So in summation idk who you racing I'm already at the finish line with the flag waving
@scottwhite08 @robreiner and his flag waving party, sit back and do NOTHING. Imagine if this was HILLARY OR OBAMA.
The flag waving right wingers would be gutted. It diminishes the union. We'd even have to change the flag. Perfect… https://t.co/9TdKEnBCAE
@McKizzleM respects and is looking out for their identity. Just keep waving that flag, opening those doors and being fucking amazing
@LynnBeynon Please link a video showing flag waving in a breeze. There's only transient undamped movement as it is planted. @TakeThatNASA
@TEN_GOP @rtandat he would have been shooting them if they were waving the American flag.
Some mother fucker waving the communist flag throwin the peace sign like wtf??????
RT @masaku_: Wetangula wants to be NASA's flag bearer. Here is a photo of him waving at trees and electricity poles https://t.co/PQHRGuZ8jt
@GOP are absolute scum and are waving that flag loud and proud. https://t.co/8ZNNndpmYI
@DrummerDegz @RollingStone can you gues whos been waving the red flag at protest, being paid to riot, Dems in congress calling out for blood
RT @ChungYingSt: Sign of the times: @Pontifex singled out flag-waving Chinese pilgrims for special greeting at Wed. general audience https://t.co/udh4CiVOp3
IDEA THAT SELL 2 - Cheap Custom Hand Flag, Hand Waving Flag - v7682DC https://t.co/5RPNkv0aL6
United and Leicester waving the flag for England in Europe.