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Que flaca estaba selena gomez en los hechiceros de waverly place!
trop envie de regarder les sorciers de waverly place toute la journée
Un amigo mío acaba de decir que es el desecho de los desechos humanos y no me sentía tan identificada desde que emitían Waverly Place.
I wish my favorite stores had crazy ten minute sales like in Wizards of Waverly Place
Please bring back Hannah montana, wizard of the waverly place, suite life of zack & cody, victorious, sam & cat!!! Just please! 🙏🏻
@selgomezxmx bytw u loook amazing selena gomez ur my favourite singer and favourite cast in wizard of waverly place
@selenagomez @DavidHenrie @JakeTAustin Omg!Rewatching Wizard of Waverly Place!Forgot how great this show was!💜you a… https://t.co/tm8fwCl992
Amo los hechiceros de Waverly Place😻💖
RT @wannabeinfinite: 9. The Wizards of Waverly Place. https://t.co/wibSGnIjx9
I need all seasons of iLoveJenni & Wizards of Waverly Place on DVD . 😪
RT @rtyourcharacter: alexandra "alex" russo || wizards of waverly place https://t.co/2V8ejveXvJ
RT @happilyogoc: there was even a wizards of waverly place episode about MONA LISA NOT SMILING! (and then alex changes her to smilin… https://t.co/KqNHC9sU34
love how they have wizards of waverly place on demand
RT @olddisneynew: Wizards of Waverly Place- Make It Happen *Justin... śpiewaj* https://t.co/WyVCzqfAZf
I just wanna know why they took off wizards of waverly place & the suite life of Zack and Cody off Netflix 😤😤
RT @BLACKKRAY: Waverly place video commin soon "I got da magic wand" https://t.co/y8gGrpjvL0
RT @SelGomez_es: Sin duda uno de los momentos más tristes de Los Magos de Waverly Place. I vote for @selenagomez for Artist Of The Y… https://t.co/uOTT3PeUHU
The most intense buildup to the season finale in any show I've ever watched was definitely Wizards of Waverly Place
RT @SelenaHQ: This scene from the Wizards Of Waverly Place Movie was the most heart wrenching #9YearsOfWizardsOfWaverlyPlace https://t.co/Tk0fhf7Rtz
RT @hllxndroden: que saudades dos feiticeiros de waverly place!!!!!
RT @lockzscreen: ☁Os Feiticeiros de Waverly Place & Sunny Entre Estrelas☁ ✨ RT if you save ✨ FAV if you like Lau 🌙 https://t.co/7ehvD5RC52
I miss watching wizards of waverly place :((
que saudades dos feiticeiros de waverly place!!!!!