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In less then a month you could be in Las Vegas watching U2 Rock the iHeart Radio Music Festival!!!! Listen live...
Watching U2 at Glastonbury and longing to see them again!!
Watching U2, Live Aid. The beginning of mega.
@ironyalchemist I've been watching u2 @sashaperlraver @mirithejedi for years now maybe I make some points worthy of a watch xD c 4 yourself!
@lynnsweet @JMfreespeech watching u2 on Fox& it's clear that u both have lost all credibility as objective journalists & r HRC cheerleaders
Watching U2 live in Milan. What a show!
Imagine you had the choice of watching U2 perform or jumping out an airlock. Nothing inbetween. The vacuum awaits
Looking forward to ending my #christmasday next week watching @U2 Live in #paris on @rte. #u2ietour #u2paris #u2 #u2dublin
Just finished watching U2 Live from Paris... Phenomenal concert and was even more awesome allowing The Eagles of Death Metal to finish it.
Watching @U2 performance in Paris on tv and wow! Looking at all their fans...the Lord sure has blessed them. Ah-mazing!
I hate having insomnia. I was considering watching @U2 on @HBO on demand but then for sure I'll be up all night cuz I'll get all emotional.
Currently watching @U2's live in Paris concert after the terrorist attacks there... Unbelievably powerful!
Watching U2's concert in Paris... Huge message of love... I am overwhelmed
Watching @U2 Innocence and Experience concert from Paris - amazing! This is why I have loved them since the early 80s!
Watching U2 my fav in the world. God bless Paris!God bless America and all nations. Every song has history and life!
LIVE on #periscope: Chilling at home watching u2 Paris
Watching U2:Innocence+Experience Live in Paris with the girls. They do not grasp the enormity of what they are...
I don't know how many times I had the chills watching #u2's "Innocence & Experience Live in Paris". Can't hate. #love @u2
Finally watching @U2's Innocence & Experience show from Paris on @HBONow. I love Song of Innocence so much. Great show. Iris was beautiful.
Just watching @U2 on @hbo one more time. Greatest version of Bullet Blue Sky ever. Young Bono challenging grown Bono.
Watching U2 in Paris. Larry Mullen Jr. is all business.
watching U2 concert from Paris- makeup of cancelled shows last month. Cowboys/Pack too boring #u2 #nfl
@U2 @EODMofficial watching U2 Paris concert!what a great show! (Dvr'ed it just seeing it now). Pls come to Des Moines!!!
Watching @U2 in Paris on @HBO and they bring out @EODMofficial to perform with them.. I'm in tears, so beautiful