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Meh, I had hoped to spend the weekend watching SPN and Teen Wolf and just relax, but my mom is sick and she needs a nurse, so off I go!
Omg idk why i am watching teen mom 2 reruns but omg @PBandJenelley_1 pisses me offff! Can't make her sons stuff bc she's got spring break.
my mom started watching teen wolf and that she's in s04 she totally loves kira
Watching teen mom 📺
can't stop watching teen mom OG
Spending my day watching teen mom OG 👌
I'm watching old episodes of Teen Mom.
Watching the new teen mom and I can't stand the way @F1abraham talks to her parents, it's disrespectful and disgusting #teenmom #farrah
@AlexTweeterMan @hdittus13 I was watching Daria on youtube and in the description said to watch teen mom and stuff and I felt insulted
Just started watching Teen Mom OG. this one withe big lips thinks she's all that& a bag of chips! See y she has no one but mom # how rude!
So I've started watching Teen Mom OG.
I love watching teen mom up until @F1abraham comes on. All she does is bitch and complain someone give that whore a xanax. 😂 #poorsimon
Watching @RockyHorrorFOX and my mom is telling me what the audience would do when she used to go as a teen!
RT @savmontano: I grow as a person watching farrah on teen mom
Watching @DrPhil with a mom who disagrees with her transgender teen......
@SimonSaran why you deal with the teen mom disaster is beyond me. You offer to help and all she does is yell. Watching this is painful!
@garfield_tattoo u only need know that all get the same EOY profit sharing bonus, whether or not theyve been watching teen mom at their desk
ain't nothing better than watching teen mom with my baby girl and my mommy 💘
The fact that maci from teen mom is finally married now is how I know I've been watching teen mom forever
Hate watching teen mom bc of her
Watching Teen Mom and I truly think Ryan's on drugs now wow...
been watching teen mom since earlier this morning
just realized I've been watching teen mom for a hour. I'm a fucking weirdo
I'm literally watching Teen Mom OG, someone shoot me