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BREAKING: ManUtd to discourage #RainbowLaces because Jamal, a homophobic Jordanian Falafel Stand owner, will stop w…
RT @macmcd: @helenmag We must not allow election influenced by voter suppression,Putin,& FBI to stand. We must #AuditTheVote bc World is watching.
People keep looking at me like I've had a one night stand, little do they know that I was up to 5am watching Gilmore girls and talking
Do not waste your stand set up> Check the wind
RT @MikeMillzOnEm: What ever you do do it well You never know who's watching. Wherever you go do well to stand out Always remember to Be Original.
Do not waste your stand set up> Check the wind
@C4F1 Now watching P3 on #C4F1 and almost can't stand the suspense. Who will be crowned champion this weekend? #TeamRosberg #ImWith6
"When I'm afraid to fall But watching you stand alone All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow"
@benmurraybruce :so shall God adopt every obstacle in your life , You stand out for every Good reason and Nigerian youth are watching .
Afer Watching Crawford vs Gamboa again & Again, It's safe to say, Crawford doesn't stand a slight chance against Pacquiao.
@StephenKing Watching The Stand tonight, just needed to thank you at the age of 50 for so much aivd, rabid reading sometimes under covers <3
I hope I'm not the only one to stand up and shadow box while watching Rocky
watching some demetri martin stand up, I use to love him 😂
I'm watching Another 1x12 "Stand by Oneself" #trakt
Discovering Prague @discoveringprague had a great time watching "The Stand In" by Cimrman …
Can someone guide me about this seoul music award?? I can't stand watching exo at the 2nd place 😭😭😭
@SarahMillican75 @StandardIssueUK @lili_la_scala currently watching Inside Out again. Will easily stand the test of time.
How can a mother stand watching her own daughter being raped infront of her
Watching a recent Martin Lawrence stand up special.. this how i been lookin for 20 minutes
@POTUS Stop the water cannons at #standingrock Stop #Dapl Make this your last great stand We r watching History Demands it! #NoDAPL
Do not waste your stand set up> Check the wind
Cant stand watching my dad suffer like this wheres a female companion when you need one to be there for you?
Watching Martin's stand up comedy