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this is creepy because I was just watching pll and they said we stand together the moment i clicked on tge trends #WeStandTogether
@CheesyLemon I suggest they at the very least, must not stand around watching them, filming them and giving them the audience they crave
@SenWarren @maddow Senator please continue EXPOSING THEM, Rachel continue EXPOSING THEM CITIZENS ARE WATCHING AND…
Well that was shit, can't stand the actress — watching Beauty and the Beast
Watched Aadar's Stand Up The Musical. I was feeling like I am watching Comical Music Concert..So Innovative and Unique👍 @TheAadarGuy
you have been bought over to stand withness against JUSTICE. God is watching.#freeneba #freeBella #freemancho
Pleasantly surprised - watching Indian stand up comedy on youtube - surprisingly good
@AmericanAlphaJJ lol Yesh it is but I'm watching his stand up actually lol wbu what kind of music do you listen to
foods What You Stand To Gain By Eating Healthy Farm Foods Omaha: By Janet Scott Watching…
I'm watching Chappelle's stand ups again, this shit makes me so fuckin happy.
The rape storyline is a bit much. She had a drunken one night stand and regretted it from what I remember watching #hollyoaks
How to be brave ! How can i love when i'm afraid ... To fall But watching you stand alone. 😍❤💓
I just watched the new Dave Chappelle stand ups oh how I miss watching his show lol favorite comedian of all time !
Lowkey cant stand watching my parents alone bedua saja dirumah. They say "siapa jua lagi kan dirumah ani. Tinggal babu sama babah saja" 😩😭
Currently watching: the awkward after effects of a one night stand on the morning train to London Bridge. Charming yet cringe. Can't miss.
@Duderibe @mrderrick_ @MikeTokes @SenWarren @GOP is watching the Liberals acting like nazis. You have lost your values and do not stand
@IanHigton Watching you trying to open the hot dog stand. Fucking hell. 😱😡😱😡
Can't normally stand @piersmorgan but watching @gmb_official he is talking a lot of sense and actually got a lot of respect for him now.
— didn't mind. “You can put it down there—. And come in, if you want. I don't bite.” He chuckled, watching @pcstlover stand by the —
Watching this Dave Chappelle stand up
@FKeitz44 @StephenAmell @manubennett Its obvious you are not watching anymore so you have no leg to stand on
@glctcsm me watching someone stand in the no standing area because people refuse to move to the back to allow the bus to fill properly
How can people stand watching Flash and Arrow
RT @LarryLaFlame: I can't be down around people no matter how depressed I am, I can't stand watching how it effects the people around…
RT @mannypacquiao: I enjoy watching guys that will stand and trade punches instead of jab and run for 12 rounds. This is boxing! #ChocolatitoRungvisai