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Yesterday I was watching Selena and then found out they made a wax figure😍😍💖
Currently watching selena perform live and crying bc shes sick and i can't see her again. 😭
I just remembered I was up watching Selena last night and crying. That's probably why I'm so tired
know now that 'revival world tour' was cancelled. im truly sad because it would be my first time watching Selena 😥
Rn I'm watching Selena surprising little Selenators. I don't understand why she gets so much hate #SelenaGomez ❤❤❤😭
I'm watching Selena Gomez on Barney
I'm watching selena and it's on the sad part :((((
I lovee watching selena
*me and my sister watching selena* Norma: are you gonna cry when she dies at the end again? Me (ugly crying): No! @Whovian1027
RT @_InkMyThoughts: Watching Selena until I doze
Watching Selena and making a grilled chz
Watching Selena until I doze
@cristela9 R u watching "Selena" on Logo? Up late, munching on Miniature Reese 's, then pistachios. After Selena, #LAW&ORDER! Blessings2u
Watching Selena but I'm about to change it before I get sad 😥😩
Watching Selena🌹📽
I'm watching Selena and the nostalgia is real
watching Selena 😍😍😍😍😍😍
My ladies night: clawing at a party size bag of cheese puffs while watching Selena
Watching my QUEEN!󾁁 — watching Selena Live The Last Concert Astrodome 1995
watching Selena makes me so emotional😭😭😭
RT @TrillaDG_: This is my 4th time watching Selena this week... She was my idol growing up ❤️
This is my 4th time watching Selena this week... She was my idol growing up ❤️
I will be watching Selena again 😂😂
me every time I'm watching Selena and yolonda kills her then they play all the real footage of her