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After watching Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars it's way to easy to figure out mysteries on other shows 😐 like you connect the dots fast
so I'm watching gossip girl and then my cousin tells me who gossip girl is and now I'm mad
im really thinking ab watching gossip girl all over again.....
i regret not watching gossip girl before, i hate my titas for making up a story about it
Can see a girl in the library watching gossip girl, she's got her priorities straight 😏
RT @baileekferrin: *watching gossip girl for the 8th time* Dan: "I'm gossip girl" Me:
Ive definitely been watching too much gossip girl based on the fact i had a dream I was dating Nate and woke up convinced it was true 🙄
RT @baileekferrin: *watching gossip girl for the 8th time* Dan: "I'm gossip girl" Me:
Started watching gossip girl and then somehow managed to read who gossip girl is by accident when I was only 6 episodes in🙂🙃
drinking milkshakes and watching gossip girl is the best way to spend ur night
Just finished watching the first episode of Riverdale... and why does it seem so similar to Gossip Girl? They kinda have the same vibe haha
@BeeBabs the joy of hate/love-watching gossip girl then immediately reading the recaps on NYmag is something i haven't been able to recreate
RT @baileekferrin: *watching gossip girl for the 8th time* Dan: "I'm gossip girl" Me:
RT @baileekferrin: *watching gossip girl for the 8th time* Dan: "I'm gossip girl" Me:
I have no shame🙄 watching gossip girl while I do work in the library😂
Watching gossip girl from the start forgot how good it was 😃❤
I really feel like watching gossip girl, so I'm watching the first episode 😂
Why am I watching gossip girl
RT @mmeghanbutler: @Kerrymuuir and i had a sleepover last night and now i can't stop watching Gossip Girl, how did i survive for so long without this show ????
Tfw u get all nostalgic and end up watching Gossip Girl til past 5 in the morning
Key said he practices his English by watching shows like The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, Friends, and The Walking Dead
So I just started watching gossip girl for the first time and feel very behind in life
Key watching gossip girl is too much for me
@_pr0udtwihard I guess it's a day snuggled up in bed watching gossip girl until Con gets home
i'm binge watching gossip girl and i'm falling more and more in love with chuck bass every episode, help