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Heads pounding so its a day on the couch watching gossip girl til Kyle comes home to look after me like the princess i am x
They would be watching Rosemary's Baby on Gossip Girl lol
Been watching Gossip Girl on Netflix with @NalediSibisi this weekend, I can confirm it was the most ridiculous show in history
Watching gossip girl and having coke, missing pizza, wby.
It's 5:42 and I'm watching gossip girl...why am I up
I’ve been watching a lot of gossip girl (damn Netflix) and this just happened wtf is life. 😂
I forgot how much I love watching gossip girl 😸
I've been watching gossip girl for 5 hours now 😬 I want some sleep
Wyd? Come over — Watching gossip girl
Can't sleep so gossip girl binge watching 😋
Started watching Gossip Girl. I get why people are obsessed
It's the 3rd time I'm watching all of Gossip Girl's seasons and yet I'm addicted like it's my 1st.
I can't stop watching gossip girl
I'm still awake bc I've been binge watching gossip girl and if that doesn't tell you where I'm at in life idk what will
i have absolutely no self control when it comes to binge watching gossip girl
Watching the entire Gossip Girl series over again has me SHOOK
I'm almost done watching Gossip Girl & now idk what to do with my life
Hi sorry my username is gossip girl rants but im currently watching being human and I can't
Been watching Gossip Girl all day and I just wanna know where I can sign up to get a life like Serena. Lemme know.
i need to do my fk laundry and shower but i cant stop watching gossip girl god help. 😣
Watching Gossip Girl , I was supposed to stop three episodes ago 🙂
RT @alexis9624: Coloring and watching gossip girl with your roomie is what life's all about
Spent my winter break sleeping, working, and watching Gossip Girl for the second time. Time well spent. 👌🏽
@colten33chance @maddsduffey @jessaustinbro this nigga watching gossip girl. Go rep to my other shit nigga skrtin my mentions 👀
Currently binge watching Gossip Girl *screaming at Blair: "DAN IS JUST A PHASE"