Watching Gossip Girl

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Why am I watching Gossip girl ?
RT @Lizz_tx: Thanks to @kelseyrayyyy I'm re-watching Gossip Girl lol
@Mrweedu hmmm :) Gossip girl is good I started watching recently.
god I wish I could take away watching gossip girl so I could watch it all over again 💔
laying in bed watching gossip girl & criminal minds allllllll day
gossip girl is fucking great i will never stop re watching it
I couldn't decide whether to start watching Stranger Things, Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls, so I've settled on The Big Bang Theory💥🤔
Watching gossip girl for the first time in my life
Not even gonna lie, I finally succumbed to watching Gossip Girl 😩 @Katherinne25
I stated watching gossip girl and OHMYGOd it is soooo good
i've been watching way too much gossip girl oops
Ariana enjoys watching the hit TV show Gossip Girl.
RT @AdileneeTesfaye: thinking of watching gossip girl all over again
Oh yea I just finished watching under the dome and I quit watching gossip girl
5hrs behind this desk today and I should be doing my physics hw and lab report. Instead I'm watching gossip girl.....
tucked up in bed with galaxy counters watching gossip girl👌🏼😌
i've been sat in the same place all day watching gossip girl and i'm not mad about it
thinking of watching gossip girl all over again
Thanks to @kelseyrayyyy I'm re-watching Gossip Girl lol
Re watching gossip girl is the best decision I've made 💕👑
i feel like watching gossip girl season one balik huhu
fuck it I'm watching gossip girl, my responsibilities can wait until tomorrow
I'm watching gossip girl for the 3rd and it still doesn't get boring
now I'm watching gossip girl I'm seriously questioning why I wasn't born on the upper east side and privileged to a pent house on 5th avenue
feel like ive been watching gossip girl for ages and im only on the end on season 2 ffs