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me: i'm never watching glee ever again also me: i should rewatch the rumours ep
Aí vc assiste só o piloto de #glee e já fica com o coração na garganta, na mão, no rim... 💟💟
@MairaEscobar_5 @RoalndG and I stayed up all night watching Glee's final season
I've just watched episode Glee S05E03 The Quarterback #Glee
@AngelinaGaarcia omg are watching glee again???
RT @AyumaIwata: そして懲りずに今回もダイジェストを作ります笑 竹内將人くん(@smbinfk2)と田上彩華さんのNew Year's Live 2017の様子です(^^)まずは第1部から!第2部もお楽しみに!! #アラジン #Glee…
Tengo un crush con Mr. Schue 🙊❤ #glee
started watching Glee, this will either ruin my life, or....nope, i'm pretty sure it's gonna ruin my life
okay its 2 am, Im not gonna stay up all night watching glee, I know my limits
Is that really worth it just to win a stupid national championship? #glee
Watching the Gaga episode of #Glee and crying.💜 Burt @TheMikeOMalley @chriscolfer
I'm watching glee cause I'm a quarter of the way into a bed with new sheets
"im watching glee, shut the fuck up!"
When ur screaming about ur life falling apart and ur friends are watching glee and tell u to shut up because the best parts about to come on
@IainShipp boy , I'm watching glee and Rachel said "oh I love this Christmas song it's wham!"
RT @kaigai_girl: 《Britney Spears-Hold It Against Me》 Brittanyがcoverした曲です! Britneyかっこいい😎💕 #glee
Necesito un Jesse St. James en esta vida☹️❤️ #Glee
RT @OpyMorales: El último tweet de protagonista de #Glee@CoryMonteith: oh. IT'S A SHARK TORNADO.” #RipCoryMonteith