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Latest: Netflix Throws More Money at Adam Sandler, Adds Four Movies to His Exclusive Deal
RT @YahooMoviesUK: Future Lara Croft actress Alicia Vikander set to battle monsters in Ben Wheatley's Freakshift:…
New movies Memphis 3/31: Malick's SONG TO SONG; Foreign Language Oscar nominee LAND OF MINES; GHOST IN THE SHELL; ZOOKEEPERS WIFE; BOSS BABY
Hulu actually has so many more + a lot better movies than Netflix
Here Are The Easter Eggs Hayao Miyazaki Has Hidden In His Movies. (Studio Ghibli)
honestly music and movies and my family
RT @JodieHollie_Ann: Wolfwalkers - Irish folklore, myths, wolves and movies on @bloglovin
I want to go to my bf's house to cuddle and watch movies all day
RT @MobileSyrup: Movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada this April
❤💙#Movies #DVD Greys Anatomy The Complete Twelfth Season 12 (DVD, 2016, 6-Disc Set) #Hot #Sale
15 years of Star Wars planned? If the next few movies are as good as the recent releases... it's not enough!
L #TomCruise #Movies Knight and Day (Single-Disc Edition), Good #DVD, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, James
I'm showing Zach the quality movies in life
RT @theshrillest: I wrote about how Trump's vision of the American city is Old Future New York from the movies
Netflix Throws More Money at Adam Sandler, Adds Four Movies to His Exclusive Deal
What my weekend consisted of! Movies, baseball game, & Phoenix zoo!! 💛
RT @BPTickets: Another great piece on @jeryseltzer "From #rollerderby owner to #Sonoma Film Festival Founder" (via @sfchronicle):
RT @IssaRae: I LOVE teen movies/shows, yet hate teenagers. Hm.
RT @comelychandria: Dun palang sa youngest/second loveteam (1st: Bea & JL) na naka-earn ng 1 Billion from movies, spectacular na. 😋
RT @bollyface: These were the movies that we all at one point or another in our lives connected with and grew up on 😥❤
RT @IamGMJohnson: Who would've imagined that when you make movies for us, by us, about us, that appeal to us, that we would support i…
RT @Mr_DrinksOnMe: I feel like if Quentin Tarantino didn't start making movies, he would have become a serial killer.