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A queue on Shadowsong EU? OK, so it was only THREE people! But whoa... ours is one of the less popular #Warcraft EU realms. Hmm... cool. :-)
Как продать аккаунт World of Warcraft(EU)?
@Warcraft eu servers are not working :(
@Warcraft EU is dead for 30 min now pls fix it ^^ awesome launch tho, first time there is a problem =)
@SeTec9 @Muffinus @TheCrafticus @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft EU-Silvermoon is missing in action. Lag is so unreal, 15 secs delay on any actions.
world of warcraft eu te amo demais
Как продать аккаунт World of Warcraft(EU)?
@Strippin @itmeJP @Fail_lula @GiantWaffle @Warcraft EU and feral druid here and so far no problems/bugs (shouldn't have said that probably)
Kul Tiras are feeling the HYPE #Legion Soon! @Warcraft (EU) https://t.co/ag1RTVDV3F
@vinistutz eu gostei por ser muito fiel ao jogo original do warcraft, World of Warcraft eu nem joguei kkkkk
@Warcraft Eu release times pls?
To assistindo #Warcraft, eu sou o feiticeiro
O André tá me fazendo ver o filme do warcraft. Eu sabia que esse dia chegaria. Tem uma ogra grávida. Eu quero morrê.
@GrahamLamont @Warcraft EU always xpac first and Na always raid first but go only 9 hours from the EU for the legion to the NA for legion
@MimersZiel se for no warcraft eu também não gosto eles são bem chatinhos.
I've just bought World of Warcraft EU https://t.co/xES0P27wXk CD Key on Kinguin with an amazing price! Check it out! https://t.co/Gsj5EyH1Mz
@Warcraft eu server twisting nether is down or?
Gratuit 10% d'or pour WOW, seulement aujourd'hui! https://t.co/Tg8BptRlVE https://t.co/K0IfToQxwZ
Add meeeeehhhh >> Galaxy6277#2438 #warcraft #eu
Anyone who can help me with one boss in firelands? #shannox #warcraft #eu
@jovemnerd o único trailer que me fez dizer "wooooow" foi do Deadpool. O do Warcraft eu achei legal, mas nada demais.