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Spain plans to sell warships to Saudi Arabia despite Yemen war crimes concerns - https://t.co/SOVFeXckZL #Yemen
If you're going to attack Trump for his endorsement of torture & war crimes, you should start by....not endorsing those things yourself.
Canada supports war crimes: Endorses terrorism and destabilization in Syria https://t.co/IHN3VFqEuIhttps://t.co/WSmRhLx3Vt
Donald Trump: Kremlin Employee of the Month: Praises Putin, criticizes NATO, downplays Russian war crimes, hacks NYT https://t.co/7loM43WhIG
@ryanlcooper war crimes and torture are good now.
RT @Marcnelsonart: A young victim, shot by a sniper in #WadiBarada. Help end these war crimes! Speak out! #SaveWadiBarada https://t.co/cykfJDgFdu
Send a strong message to potential whistle blowers under the Trump admin: don't. Don't expose war crimes or abuse o… https://t.co/5t6S3NzSUl
RT @petejohn10: More War Crimes By The Nazi Ukraine Junta Backed By Senator McCain And NATO https://t.co/215a64iRuz https://t.co/3V6TZLrJqS
RT @JamilaHanan: Why do some UK MPs defend airstrikes on #Yemen despite overwhelming evidence of war crimes, targeting of civilians and civilian objects?
An astounding account of war crimes committed by one of the US' most elite military units, and how the... https://t.co/SCBEGdbGQl
Anyone Who Is Affiliated With This {{{SS Soldier}}} Should Be Ashamed Of Their Selves The SS Was The Worst Unit & C… https://t.co/k25AEiyVhy
IJ weekly press round-up: Amnesty calls for justice reform in CAR to prevent impunity for war crimes https://t.co/Jj2EM7FGHB
RT @Brendalea414: for the record George Soros needs to get out of Politics or be punished for war crimes https://t.co/EyzI69MqMZ
RT @GodKeepOurLand: War of the Flea - Hate Crimes in South Africa, Documentary: https://t.co/jwoIEViQAK #southafrica #CORRUPTION #whitegenocide #SaveTheBoers
War crimes are totes atrosh.
Assad’s highest-level security/intel memos link him to torture and murder of... https://t.co/4HgGxJpOYX by #EagleSyrian1 via @c0nvey
Assad’s highest-level security/intel memos link him to torture and murder of... https://t.co/KKW8YhKOVk by #EagleSyrian1 via @c0nvey
RT @YourAnonCentral: Assad’s highest-level security/intel memos link him to torture and murder of 10,000s https://t.co/s5n1TUMxQ2 #Syria #PanamaPapers
#FreeChelseaManning #FreeChelseaNOW Can it be true that someone who disclosed terrible war crimes to the public has… https://t.co/leOZOMP6Nl
Ain't a war, can't be any war crimes. That's the direction I prefer to head. But you do you black cat. https://t.co/oSZokizbiZ
The brutish tyrant #Gaddafi was a war criminal, guilty of crimes against humanity and international terrorism. He’s in hell.
@Karoli @cmbsweden war crimes are dope as hell though
@justsickoflies @godisgood1961 Yes you did. You and your SOS Hillary Clinton committed War Crimes also. Including the Benghazi coverup.