Wanna update my blog but sooo sleepy.. hoahmmm

Pengen update or nulis nulis sesuatu di Temukan Dirimu, tapi ngantuk banget dan besok harus jalan pagi karena mo memulai gerakan disiplin spiritual..So yeah.. see ya!

RT @AaronRFernandes: So SLEEPY: Priyanka Chopra Takes a Nap With Zac Efron! https://t.co/O379srK3SR #proyankaandzac #proyankachopra #zacefron
@mei_sleepy そうやってみんなに人気ないからかまってほしかったのかな。。笑
Alright, sleepy naaa! KBYE :*
Was jus sleepy now I'm not 😐😒
I slept at least 8 hours and I still feel sleepy 😔
I'm so sleepy but no one wants to go to sleep yet 😴
Kanang sir... pwede matulog? Aurghh! Sleepy af!! 😔💤😴
Блять Миша проснулся
RT @mattglasgowbi: Think I'm gonna have an interesting shower this morning! He's still a bit sleepy tho https://t.co/RqPzl3feIC
legit not sleepy. feels a lil weird 🤷🏽‍♀️
Trump is a child. A constipated, hungry, sleepy child.
RT @naejasme: always thought it spoke volumes when police stand in front to protect the KKK but stand against blacklivesmatter https://t.co/v1x5txMeXl
I'm sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💤🤧 https://t.co/J3zWX6kQs6
RT @Shar__ray: I'm sleepy but I cannot fall asleep 🙄 #Central_RYS17
At work & surprisingly I'm not sleepy 😌
RT @RayaVlogs: in honor of my last video, here are some no filtered, early morning, sleepy-eyed with dark circles shots of me. fla… https://t.co/5UpdIYZuse
RT @_keyaannaa: I'm not even sleepy 😕
RT @Medieval_Reacts: When you're at work but still sleepy https://t.co/AMT2yvtb4Q
RT @reIates: get yourself a sleepy girl so u know her sleepy ass is always in bed being faithful
RT @JulesWhovian: It's #NationalPuppyDay Let me see your fur babies. 💖💖💖 This is our sleepy head. https://t.co/it7iLkLbkL