Wanna update my blog but sooo sleepy.. hoahmmm

Pengen update or nulis nulis sesuatu di Temukan Dirimu, tapi ngantuk banget dan besok harus jalan pagi karena mo memulai gerakan disiplin spiritual..So yeah.. see ya!

Waiting makes me sleepy 😩
RT @ShezShaikha__: special talents: -wasting time -overthinking -imagining bad stuff -being sleepy & emotional -watching films -acting fab when i'm not
I took cough meds right before my classes, without realizing that they also make me sleepy lol oops brb as I struggle to stay awake in class
RT @hamish_mccat: It's still dark here and I am sleepy but I have just been briefed on today's activities and I approve. Follow… https://t.co/pkspGndZdY
Sleepy but out grocery shopping
two full on days in london with schwarzkopf, sleepy bear!!
@lunardi7 ❤ im not okay..im sleepy tired and everything ugh..hows work?
@chessplayer4 We are awaiting the first pip, and then the cam will go live. Nothing to see at the moment except sleepy, sitting parents.
ぐぐれない疑問はもう忘れちゃって ゆだねてね それもいいよ やすらかな (sleepy dance/temporu)
@OriginalFunko Please more Doctor Who! Bates Motel, Victoria, The Man In The High Castle and Sleepy Hollow would also be great! :)
RT @whippetpix: so sleepy😴💘💤 https://t.co/gT9ZlmXBvp
sleepy baby jobe
I am all of a sudden sleepy
RT @GirlGamerGaB: Look at @egoraptor being a sleepy little baby! ☺️ https://t.co/HPLUDhVMU1
Well excuse me! I've been up for two whole hours already, I think I deserve this nap #sleepy #daysoff
RT @Ayuiqmil: so sleepy & i have work tmr🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
RT @sharitoook: I'm sooo damn sleepy