Wanna update my blog but sooo sleepy.. hoahmmm

Pengen update or nulis nulis sesuatu di Temukan Dirimu, tapi ngantuk banget dan besok harus jalan pagi karena mo memulai gerakan disiplin spiritual..So yeah.. see ya!

RT @wanlov: Roadworks at night don't happen coz workers don't want to work in cool trafficless night oh...contractors eat the moni n feel sleepy
Now that I've ate I'm sleepy asf
Im so sleepy 😩
Now im sleepy in this hair salon😴
#comictrumpcabinet Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, ....
Now back in stock! Night-Night Ohio, a sleepy bedtime rhyme https://t.co/dxzk8c9W5Y
I'm jhi sleepy but I can't even go to sleep 😒
I really need to go & do my nails but I'm so sleepy.
てか、FreethrowでFreethrowうたってたよな、石毛さん。 実はすごい贅沢したなぁ♡
So sleepy😴 2 more hours of work 😫
Stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make them happen. ĞÔÔĎ ŇÎĞHŤ BÊĂÛŤÎFÛĽ PĔÔPĽĔ — feeling sleepy
Hours of walking and not sleepy
RT @kingushbal: get yourself a sleepy girl, then call her at any given time & guess where she's at? in bed being faithful.
@sleepy_firefly c'est positif ou négatif x) ?
Wat is sleep, my body is alredi broken that i alwys feel sleepy in the morning/afternoon and fresh awake at night
Jeff Byrnes in New Albin, IA was just found at #TruckingCompanies #Trucking https://t.co/QPD0sU7umJ on 10th Dec 3pm