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@hopeonair Guten morgen! Play for me.. I belong to you by Peter Njogu and martha Wango! Receiving you frm Hagen .Germany
RT @spinnellii: oh yeah we definitely all about to die
@neftalopez1 @lopezdoriga Es que esta muy wango el López, por eso tiene gasnate de vagina 🤣🤣🤣🤣
RT @aristew_: 40 year old black football mom tammy went to a "football mom" sleepover with 7 white women & she was found dead bea…
RT @ally_lieber: fun fact: if you go to the edible arrangements store, they have “cones” of 6-7ish chocolate covered strawberries fo…
Twango Wango went #OnTour and scored 34. There is no way this is a 20 minute game but it’s good fun. Ridiculously o…
No quiero puta culo wango con garrapatas
@Wango_Mango @elonmusk Watch This Tesla Model 3 Stop Itself To Avoid Horrific Crash: Video. via @googlenews
RT @the1crystal_: Britney with her mom Lynne and her two sons Preston and Jayden at 2013’s Wango Tango. @britneyspears #momney 😃
RT @DailySpears: New picture of Britney backstage at Wango Tango 2013! Doesn't @britneyspears looks FANTASTIC?! :)
Id like a wicked wango card
RT @Bill_Nye_Tho: rt if u believe my theme song changed the rap game forever
@Naomi_Wango_ very possible. most guys wouldn;t know the kid is not their no matter what they say.
It's Zee Wango?! It's Zee Tango?! ONETWOTHREEFOUR 🎶🎸🎶
Friday, February 15th Menus Oregon Elementary will be serving French Toast Sticks, Sausage Links, Hash Brown Patt…
Got a new Xbox One X Gamertag: YT Wango TTV
you know the crowd after ariana at wango? that’s how the show is going to go lmao
RT @ChasemCasahas: @neftalopez1 En tu pinche cara Joaquina la Bailarina @lopezdoriga, pudrete viejo wango.
RT @SportPlaylists: 'Tango Wango' by @solardomusic has been added to the Official @premierleague Training Playlist 🆕🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♂️…
@neftalopez1 En tu pinche cara Joaquina la Bailarina @lopezdoriga, pudrete viejo wango.