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RT @AndrewWioson: I want to be your sugar daddy. I do not want sex or nudes. First 60 people who RT and FOLLOW get $1000 as your week… https://t.co/Fqnad11kHR
RT @LucasEmanuelOn: 🚨🚨 AGORA VAI 🚨🚨 Vc não precisa mais esperar! A #AllBlack já está disponível nas Lojas do Galo - Betim e Betânia.… https://t.co/FfqBGzn1iM
i can walk across Singapore but excuse me I kena parking depan pintu supermarket/entrance mall untuk shopping di malaysia.
RT @awarner13: No nude needed. Rt if you need $700 for shopping or bills this weekend. I just want to help financially.
RT @sehasafhee: Serious la peminat setia Shawlpublika kalau shopping camni 😮😲😱 https://t.co/EPIlUOmrNR
RT @SauIGoodman_: Hola, @LoroHomero. Buenas tardes. Este señor golpeó a mi abuela y la mató de un puñetazo. Pasó afuera del Quicentro… https://t.co/gY3vzCradU
velho q preguiça de ir no shopping só comprar minha tinta
What's missing from this shopping center entrance in @Rockville411, MD? https://t.co/ZqaBQkrpnR
RT @SpongeBob: "I’m not a shopping list… I’m a ghost!" https://t.co/gWAmfZHhfN
RT @sivam_roxanne: @ASOS My friend’s birthday is coming up. He loves shopping with you guys. What I gotta do to get a free $500 gift card for him? 🤷🏽‍♀️
RT @bailey_rts: Spent $280 in 15 mins & didn’t even think twice about it. Loser funded shopping trips are My favorite 👸🏼✨ DM to… https://t.co/DxWMOQL8ST
Indo pra loja mas morta em saber que só saio de lá 20hrs, gente 10hrs de trampo quem vive assim, sem condições. Tra… https://t.co/G3WWKlfsvH
RT @mourakay_: Falar pra aquela mina lá, que eu sempre quis Dizer que eu gosto dela pra saber o que ela diz Dar um rolê no shoppin… https://t.co/D6c7Bq3LrE
Serase vou no shopping sozinha?
@CatherineLegato Thanks for getting in touch Catherine, I'm sorry to hear of your disappointing experience you had… https://t.co/o9bXgZgpeW
RT @nissuikoushiki: 【第3回中華総菜プレゼントキャンペーン】ニッスイの「レンジでつくる中華総菜」3品セットが抽選で各25名総計100名様に当たる! 応募はフォロー&RTするだけ。詳細はこちら↓ https://t.co/SDiiBjHk8s https://t.co/WOEhzReKyK
@giuliabarreto04 a mais olhuda, comeu o seu é o meu hambúrguer no shopping a 300 anos atras qnd saímos c uma galera
If you're out and about this bank holiday weekend try and support small businesses, it makes all the difference! Ev… https://t.co/t2jC2jB01R
RT @morewless: The #JCPenney #MemorialDay sale has started. #save an extra 25% when you use #PromoCode 26GOSAVE. It's the perfect… https://t.co/PNNDtYPWX4
RT @TriphopApp: Grab the #family, head to #Destin and stay at The Henderson Lofts! https://t.co/xhCCuvO0r4 #springbreak2019… https://t.co/tltd8xa1A4
@greeeen07080901様 新陳代謝プラス キャンペーンへのご参加ありがとうございます 抽選結果は・・・ 【はずれ】 ごめんなさい! 「すっきりおいしい青汁緑茶」が、健康とスリムをサポート☆ 500円クーポン【U… https://t.co/5SMAkUDQ38
RT @Metabolic_Plus: \塩分、脂質、糖質が気になる方へ!「 #すっきりおいしい青汁緑茶#プレゼント!/ #新陳代謝プラス #キャンペーン @Metabolic_Plus をフォロー& 5月26日9:59までにRTで応募 結果は自動リプラ… https://t.co/JoObp8ugH1
RT @quattroline: 最近、人体で最も強い筋肉は舌であると知り、そうなるとヴェノムの舌なんてとんでもなく丈夫なんじゃないかと思ってしまった。 そんな私は猫舌で良く火傷します。👅 #ヴェノム #猫舌 #lego… https://t.co/RRc4nlPSp7
@Igorr_Teixeira Aquele da 25... Digo do shopping já foi né