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El wando hecho una loca
RT @txthodu: 너무 신기한 얼굴이야 소년이랑 청년이 다 있어 https://t.co/ll0XRS66JT
RT @yomii_twt: 레스트가 무색하게. .. 기여워서 그리지 않을 수 없었다.. 모두들 메리 추석 되세요~ 💘 #제이홉 #슈가 @BTS_twt https://t.co/GG1cw4Cqxp
. 이 날 서쪽에서 마주친 석양은 더 붉고 선명했으며 강렬했고 또 아름다웠다. . - 2016.09.09 - Location : Wando, Korea . Copyright… https://t.co/g0KhqVBBlA
Marar gaskiya kamar mai yagaggen wando ne duk inda zai zauna sai ya rinka kame-kame. Mai gaskiya a natse yake zamansa.
Warrock Rd, Wando Bridge - Road Reopened. #victraffic
She learned how to plug out the hairs in that lace front too 😂😂😂 @s_ford45 @C_MITCH9 @JCahh03 @ashdavi01 https://t.co/PWi4RSzN1t
😂 @Jordan_Wolter just called me to let me know she was jukin with @bobatl at his concert tonight because she knew I'd be proud. #GoBigLexi
@ThisIsLafferty come to Wando's! $12 fish bowls!
RT @SS_Bryan1: Who wins? Retweet for Fort Dorchester @FDPatriot Like for Wando @wandohigh Get the app 🏈 https://t.co/Lr9iFb1RvS https://t.co/gf1jGbt6kc
Jin do Jeopdo.Haenam. Wando Sea Weather~★♥ https://t.co/GsfMpeZVRP
hoje tô só essa música do Wando https://t.co/jOCUan2y6H
RT @pxlay_: vou bolar com o Wando
If I'm being honest... I got gooseys today when heard @stoplightobs song on Tribe talk at Wando
RT @matheusloggia: gente como assim o wando morreu
RT @matheusloggia: gente como assim o wando morreu
Marcello Lucas Reis Wando Murdock Guilherme Maciel https://t.co/fTo4ltIg2l
vol.12 小型犬チワワにかかる年間飼育費用は? 犬と暮らしていくために、年間でお金がいくらかかるか知って ... 小型犬を飼う年間費用はいくら?毎月かかるお金を計算してみた - https://t.co/tR7DQkFR5R https://t.co/k6L6T7PnKd
Wando's Dakariee Alston named @MoultrieNews Player of the Week. Check it out at https://t.co/4HLoEVAPa7. https://t.co/bHFtzHD4yr
RT @xiaology10: #10TIONTALK Sunyoul: Wando's internet is very weak 😭 Bitto: its a relief that its weak lol https://t.co/Z6ivDVTKZG
Olha o passe que o Marshall dropa