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RT @GokaiRanger: I believe a run to Target and Walmart is in order for me. #PowerRangerMovie ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!
This is how @Walmart treats their employees?
@__AyeeCel you don't play bout Walmart 😂👐🏽
RT @TBrianMalone: @ColMorrisDavis They didn't want to get their Walmart faux-leather jackets wet.
RT @morewless: No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake is perfect for Valentine's Day #ad #recipe #nobake…
they're showing how the airline company sucks like kid at Walmart complains about management.
Y'all gon get tired of steeling from Walmart 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
@redbyrd69 @strong_piss who in their right mind would say "I'm going to the Walmart"
was suddenly reminded of the time we jousted in walmart
RT @havingfunsaving: Chicken Apple Sausage Pinwheels w Tangy Cranberry Sauce = perfect for the #BigGame via…
@taggant @Walmart lol just go to another register
RT @CodyJP9412: ME: I'm not a "people person." WALMART INTERVIEWER: Can u at least put boxes where they belong? ME: Also no. WI: Great! When can u start?
I checked in at Walmart Supercenter on #Yelp
I liked a @YouTube video from @bellaafusco TANA HIT ME IN WALMART | ISABELLA FUSCO
Walmart: Hanes Women’s Long Sleeve V-neck T-shirt Only $3.50! - #HanesLongSleeveTshirt
On everything I'm bout to say FUCK WALMART PUSSY ASS STORE !
RT @urrins: ojalá los dueños de walmart se llamen walter y marta
Walmart: Hanes Women’s Long Sleeve V-neck T-shirt Only $3.50! - #HanesLongSleeveTshirt
RT @morewless: Frosted Football Brownies are perfect for game day #ad #recipe #football #gameday…
RT @lorifloresville: hide and seek at walmart is always fun