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Walcott was supposed to be out for a few days and its been how long now?
RT @punablog: Taylor Walcott opent #TaylorMondays met de track Eigen Feest - https://t.co/aiHvzrZO7u | @TaylorWalcott
RT @NewYorker: A Trinidadian friendship: the poet Derek Walcott and the painter Peter Doig. https://t.co/CnwqeZ9liv https://t.co/3nJAUQafym
#FPL Status Alert: Walcott (Arsenal) Calf injury - Expected back 31 Jan https://t.co/vZVOXynq9k
#FantasyAuction Status Alert: Theo Walcott - Calf injury - Expected back 31 Jan - @jrose100
RT @LopesInsights: With internet penetration in #Africa going to be universal in the next ten years prices will go down, like elsewher… https://t.co/3fET0p5Ani
@HakimAfiq1 first day cannot paitao
@HakimAfiq1 tmr im schooling😂
RT @EditinKing: Jersey Joe Walcott landed one of the greatest KO's in boxing history, to become world champion at the third attempt… https://t.co/VmkvzLAN6d
@HakimAfiq1 go for the interview
@Princekyalo Bellerin possibly this weekend. Walcott a bit longer
@craigcalvert now that's jammy! I aint even got Walcott @michaelowston. Last one I opened give me leadbitter....ffs..
All the fuss about pogba having an emoji, but whilshere 🤕Walcott 💩and wenger 👨‍👦have had there own for ages
Theo Walcott's Wife Melanie Gives Birth To Their Second … : https://t.co/5dlYcTLyah .,,,, https://t.co/agPhGXvfm6
Retweeted ArsenalGoals (@ArsenalGoals): Arsenal vs Swansea 2016 (Walcott x2, Özil). https://t.co/0Q6Bo99ode https://t.co/pDTdoJJokZ
RT @ArsenalGoals: Arsenal vs Swansea 2016 (Walcott x2, Özil). https://t.co/o8YahtWCSp
Think you gotta give credit to Ox and Walcott for being exceptionally inconsistent and outstandingly average👍🏽 https://t.co/EzDLzXGTEA
AUCTION - Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 10 a.m. in Walcott, Iowa. 153 acres, m/l, with 137.2 FSA crop acres. https://t.co/pciWxeNpna
@RorySmith On the plus side Theo Walcott's £150k a week wages look decidely average a year or so after looking amazingly high...
RT @jadedvibe: lowkey always thinking about you highkey never gonna let you know
Taylor Walcott opent #TaylorMondays met de track Eigen Feest https://t.co/OE5IjHM2hA #arsenal #gunners