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RT @_imogenjayde: Girls on my insta explore page with their perky boobs, slim little waist’s and peachy bloody bums make me want to p… https://t.co/qHFuNDONng
@Leomie_Anderson @lappthebrand screenshot this. leomie's waist is a mood board aesthetic. https://t.co/bjaTAVCHIv
RT @realbrismith: when he accidentally purposely grabs your whole waist and puts his dick on your butt talkin bout some "excuse me" https://t.co/WtoVuRY6rc
@realDonaldTrump Dear trump, The only thing you have over Vice President Joe Biden is waist size. https://t.co/bSJN1SkHDu
RT @Whitespa_ce: @solaadio Uncle, all these your HD QUALITY IMAGES-INDUCING VERBS, NOUNS and ADJECTIVES has been giving me headache😩… https://t.co/xMCzJf6hEN
Fear police, no be say i go see the polo run... Hahaaaa #Ceec give dem trouble if anybody gv u yawa Commot play… https://t.co/6bsIdyd5lM
I was asleep and all I felt was two hands grab my waist. I love when D does that. :')
@CalamitousMess She wraps her delectable thighs around his waist and her lips curve into a smirk. “I’ve got time.”
@CuteSmolKitten Sage would bring her against his chest, placing both hands onto her waist he kept moving her back and forth.
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RT @Duchess_Tweets: Some girls are very funny, you know you have a big tummy and you will wear high waist trouser & tuck in your shirt,… https://t.co/w92ULTIBxh
RT @80snct: taeil - blank stares at the dinner table - uses ur butt as a pillow - sharing cups with 2 straws - forgetting w… https://t.co/WmV3Q8VrB0
@PolticsNewz I would like to see them in the ring. Not to watch them fight, but just to see how high the waist band… https://t.co/yloCEopF7o
@QueenlyEvil hopefully-not-noticeable-that-it's-fake smile. But her mind, it was already floating into her.. though… https://t.co/fv3mqdnsTu
RT @happyhippyshack: Check out Lux Dress M Urban Outfitters Brick red Anthropologie Sweater Knit Empire Waist M #Lux https://t.co/Dbpll6umxP via @eBay 💗🌸🌺
RT @helenalbarnes: How fucking hard is it trying to find skirts with the right waist to bum ratio 😢😢😢😢😢 if it fits at waist it’s too t… https://t.co/zICyyBVXfL
@VVandel @MR_PEe95 Can't u see she has a waist trainer and butt lifter on?
RT @AishaYesufu: Little kids shouldn't be dancing sexual dances. Grinding of waist and all that. Neither should they be wearing sexy… https://t.co/g6PRtuZtB8
RT @TTinywaist: https://t.co/aBt9uKuuWy Happy #WorldPoetryDay! Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist includes an #InspirationalQuote each day to… https://t.co/Oyx4mbIJ5K
@LFCynwa04 Yupp. I went from waist-length to bald. I think maybe the heavy metalist in me froze to death that day😂😂😂😂
I was looking for fanny packs for Birding adventures. I think I like this one. Dad Bag Unisex Belly Fanny Fake Wa… https://t.co/s8JbVfK1Q6
@Littleb10 In all honesty it did. Help with csection healing and being waist back
RT @HipHopSince79: @HeroineUniverse @Zambo_Goddess @TillyMcReese @KobeATL Someday I'd like to see this lady wearing the sheer to waist… https://t.co/hFlSYYChoo
RT @domnsfw: a sub rolling their hips while riding their dom, asking for praise only to get degraded, the dom holding them by th… https://t.co/24YP17k9t6
@KingOflthaca — Odysseus. Arisen came a leg, crossing over to the back of his waist as her heel pushed his bottom p… https://t.co/xHA8JQOMON