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RT @wybmf: he not lying, he just tryna help you out. ungrateful. https://t.co/9askaRCLeT
@kiripo_VvV アッ…!ありますあります…😂 殴られる事に性癖暴露大会、近々開催しましょ!!✨✨✨
RT @Jin_boludo: Ahora va a venir Yoongi y decir "JHOPE FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOOSS HIJOO DE PUTAAA"
cat /home/proxy_scan/all_uniq.txt | parallel -u -j2000 curl -vvv -L -s -k --proxy {}… https://t.co/J4Cf0oYNL9
@Shikiii_vvv めちゃめちゃ美人
my skin is vvv glowy rn and im like gr8 the oil fields arise again but that bitch just hydrated im shook
- Marco Antonio: ¿Sabías que los perfumes de Elizabeth arden? :’V - Yo: ¿Ajá? - Marco Antonio: Que arden :’vvv… https://t.co/aDKfcCi6sh
RT @_stanhealey: @KyeBullet given ur playlist a follow too, vvv good
ولا راح اقول ذيك الكلمه الوصخه اللي انطقها بدون ما احس راااح انساها لان صراحه مره مره ما تنتمشششى🌚💔
قررت ان شاء الله من اليوم ورايح ماراح اقول ولا لعنه
RT @STITCHESNS: @HOLLAND_vvv Come to Brazil anD me come
RT @devondaigle9: Girls think a foot fetish is weird but turn into niagara falls over some veins and shit?? Tell me who the real weir… https://t.co/TZLObhgt8b
يع مافيه لو هاشتاق حلو اغرد فيه
Getting sacked at Christmas for no reason was just what I needed. Now I’ve started up my own business, have all the… https://t.co/NZq0R3sKez
RT @LUVTheAlbumOG: Lil Uzi Vert - Closin’ It (Official Music Video) OUT NOW 🔥 https://t.co/4mDDRuTk7D