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@Sidney_de_Vries spy to your country? do you know that the commie bough lot of house and flat in Sydney or big city in your country? do you
@Sidney_de_Vries we dont know how evil the commie is before 1997..you should defend your country, do you know that the commie send lots of
@Sidney_de_Vries HKer has lived in a peaceful country before 1997, after the commie occupied our country, we got every kind of shit..
Confession is good for the soul only in the sense that a tweed coat is good for dandruff. ― Peter de Vries
@Sidney_de_Vries in the world democrat dont want war but even obama is much more stronger than trump the great US dont need a foreign spy
@Sidney_de_Vries trump is fake republican but spy of the commie and putin he is too weak as a republican republican * up lots of dictator
@Sidney_de_Vries do you know lots of American died to defend your country during WW2? crap trump wont do that if there is WW3..
@Sidney_de_Vries because UK is friend of the commie now due to their 1% friendly conservative gov, they only think about the rich but not
@Sidney_de_Vries BBC just tell that there are lots of foreign farmland owner in Aus but they wont tell you that china will become the 2nd
@Sidney_de_Vries Asia Pacific..do you know that the commie want Aus to become a part of china? it's hell to be the occupied zone of china..
@Sidney_de_Vries your country dont think that trump is great, he is shit, he is friend of the commie and he will let the US military leave
@Sidney_de_Vries your country, even more than the American (the US sell you lots of great weapon and sent lots of troop to help defending
@Sidney_de_Vries the commie want to take away the land in your country if they got the farm..they will be the 2nd largest farmland owner in
@SarFreeman1 But thats a different problem then. Same is happening in the US. Veterans dont get enough aid. But migrants do
@Sidney_de_Vries city only get 80% paid in clinic.. I born in British HK, but my country only leave me to the commie without saving us toUK
@SarFreeman1 Its not for controlling society.
RT @NOSsport: In 62 jaar betaald voetbal dit keer: Mark de Vries. https://t.co/vKPg30aE0I #studiovoetbal
@Sidney_de_Vries or decade million of RMB for foreign aid..they dont give welfare to their citizen, for those who dont got citizenship of
@Sidney_de_Vries 200B Aus dollars for armed force per year and 200B for controlling the society per year and it wasted several million or
@Sidney_de_Vries fast and massive of armed commie force to enter HK..this is done in many parts of china too eg Tibet.. the commie wasted
@Sidney_de_Vries in HK, they wasted 12B Aus dollars per for useless building..that kind of airport, bride, railway and road is just for the
@SarFreeman1 Yeah thats a problem for sure. But in america it doesnt work that way.