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Dag Terschelling, dag Berenloop! Dit is echt een halve marathon die ik niet snel zal vergeten... Het was een heel b… https://t.co/6pensUS7i6
@BarcaJim I prefer being called Vorderman. 😉
@hthjones @EmilyThornberry A beautifully done Annual Service of Remembrance at RAH last evening, all very moving -… https://t.co/cz3X8bmyUA
@AndyGrady1 @SPHmaths Amazed to hear Countdown still condone this! Years ago KS3 SATs markers used to actually call… https://t.co/bbcgnSti94
@ourrachblogs Last go at Carol Vorderman
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Just wondering, why Carole Vorderman was at the Festival of Rememberence at the Royal Albert Hall last night!!!! Al… https://t.co/S5EDZ1mZZO
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RT @iamkarengrant: For those wondering, Carol Vorderman is an RAF ambassador for the Air Cadets. #FestivalofRemembrance
Just finished watching the Festival of Rememberence and from the amount of times Carol Vorderman was featured you'd… https://t.co/JUNRgV1zEb
Shocker to see shots of Carol Vorderman whilst watching tributes to our heroes. Queen yes. PM yes. But Carol Vorder… https://t.co/iZdEr9U7D8
@owenjbennett Didn't see Him....but what was Carol Vorderman doing in the boxes . It is getting more like a Royal… https://t.co/Mp1D7aoyKD
Aha! This might help with the Carol Vorderman thing at #FestivalOfRemembrance https://t.co/NmBhq7sHGl
@bbcroyalalberthall. Too bored to join in Andrew? Very noticeable. Plus, do we need to keep seeing Carole Vorderman… https://t.co/Bg5ICa9er6
@siralexlowe hello 🖐 thanks for follow...(and shared confusion about Carol Vorderman)
RT @iamkarengrant: For those wondering, Carol Vorderman is an RAF ambassador for the Air Cadets. #FestivalofRemembrance
Watched service of remembrance on TV and was deeply moved as usual. However there was more coverage of Carol Vorder… https://t.co/34P5XiBfjO
Auld dear in the middle: 'Is that Carol The Vorderman? Blimey, she's had some work done, innit?' https://t.co/Qrh5X15t9P
@LondonW128QT Royal British Legion Festival tonight why has the camera showing Carol Vorderman more than the Queen?
@LeeShuttlewood Also. One of the cameramen has a Carole Vorderman fixation.
@RevRobinFox And carol vorderman
Where's Vorderman, I'm worried, its been at least 10 minutes since yhey showed her. Is she OK? #FestivalofRemembrance