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⬅ most likely to be a Jaehyun, Doyoung, or Taeil's casual fan. Their voices hhhhnnnnngggg ❤❤❤
Glad my team was blessed with some beautiful voices cause all they ever do is sing !!! 😂
RT @NJBatsa: We #loveteaching when student's voices are heard with inclusion of all! Our schools shld not be money factories for outside interests.
@joshtpm @TPM FitzSimmons wants to prohibit loud voices at town hall meetings. This 'rep' is looking for an excuse to run away and hide.
RT @RawStory: Former CIA vet: I quit because ‘overtly political’ Steve Bannon will crush dissenting voices on security… https://t.co/3ooM9A3i3K
「必ず買いますよ」(2/22) ・・・複数ショップ店員談https://t.co/T7yjpKz3lI >流通量は初回ロットから非常に多いという。 ウヒョー! >Socket AM4対応マザーボードの初回流通量(中略)CPUの供給量に対して圧倒的に少なく… ドッヒョー!
When he says shit like this it's too delegitimize the voices at republican town halls. Republican voices. He's maki… https://t.co/T1EzhUvVn3
Video | The Disruptors: Gucci's Marco Bizzarri and Farfetch's José Neves https://t.co/J1rCV7ub6v #fashionhttps://t.co/Ft7YduIUcL
I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed Get along with the voices inside of my head
Voices in my head sayin I could do better
Women's Voices pleased to work with MO Diocese on #lockitforlove initiative https://t.co/zT6wmshqAS
RT @FearBroner: come watch @unic0rnygaming streaming now. Her voices are the best IMO #TeamEmmmmsie https://t.co/iEaGjZnt5h
RT @heisenboff: [burr] geniuses, lower your voices... [hamilton/mulligan/lafayette/laurens] vc eh fraco te falta odio
Kudos to those who showed up to have their voices heard. This time, Grassley hears pro-Obamacare voices https://t.co/kP8C9sJTzI
Voices in my head sayin' I could do better, damn. Voices in my head sayin' that I knew better
@donnabrazile You would think they would want to hear the voices of their constituents, even when they don't agree. #cowards #electedtoserve
@BradTheBarrel @Bryan24Buffalo he's so cheap he makes you learn Disney voices so he doesn't have to take his kids to @Disney
This Pastor Started Running to Be Active, but Then He Found Something More https://t.co/Y7fYl5Lgfe
RT @tehlorkay: what are you doing to reject dominant systems that benefit you? what are you doing to decenter yourself and uplift less privileged voices?
RT @guardian: Authors, actors and musicians say Trump order 'silences essential voices' https://t.co/N0fwAd6cNr
This time, Grassley hears pro-Obamacare voices https://t.co/cvqpHlzaZU TIME TO RETIRE
RT @JoshSchwerin: Keep showing up. It’s clearly being noticed and bothering Trump. Keep up the pressure and make your voices heard https://t.co/fYEyjPXlVJ
@andieiamwhoiam they dont want to admit this...as long as they are taking out those voices on the right, they could care less what left does
RT @Adolf_Trump: The more he continues to ignore and denigrate the voices of real people the stronger and louder they will become.… https://t.co/NFYcZh2QZG
RT @aomgsmob: simon and gray's performance with One on smtm had everyone pause and deep how beautiful their singing voices are 😩 https://t.co/wpQwXki6vU