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@NancyPelosi With respect and support, please PLEASE stop publicly gloating. It's not helping Dems get our voices and visions heard. #resist
RT @DWPscumbags: UK has given Yemen less than £371m aid. It's made 10 times that in arms sales to the country bombing https://t.co/YCRC2e4Fpo #TheresaMay
RT @LatinoVoices: Zoey Carles was last seen at around 6:00 p.m. on Thursday https://t.co/bhVstWoiwp
RT @MattAsherS: ⬇️⬇️⬇️🔥🔥🔥CALL TO ACTION: All Americans need to call these committee members. Make our voices heard! https://t.co/vGCpG5NZX0
RT @blackvoices: Activists arrested protesting Obamacare repeal outside the White House https://t.co/kw0YZSK4MW https://t.co/fGNM8MaRjV
RT @RepMcGovern: .@HouseGOP is being flooded with calls to stop #Trumpcare and #KillTheBill. Your voices are being heard. Keep it up! https://t.co/TNZ5PJtSSx
RT @oxfamgbpolicy: We're working w/ @FRIDAfund @GlobalFundWomen & @the_young_fdn to inspire more young woman led change… https://t.co/qKMg9ntQGQ
RT @karthiksubbaraj: #Shuddhi,a well made thriller that voices out strongly against violence on women.Kudos Adarsh & team for making a s… https://t.co/BTq3lF4o07
I would write to you to hear your voice only in replies but then all the voices came back 🍌 it was quiet with you for a year needed that
@bellaballet6 @TheView You must "hear" the same voices as pres Rump. Hope the men in white jackets get you both soon.
RT @RepMikeQuigley: My constituents have made their voices heard—loud & clear. A recap of #TrumpCare emails my office has received... Support: 3 Oppose: 3,019
Say what y'all want about @OfficialSisQo that dude had one of most powerful voices of the 90s dude could blow!
RT @camanpour: After the London attack, the Muslim community immediately began fundraising for victims. Over £23,000 raised so far. https://t.co/ojKK0CAw8R
SpeakChinese 2 (Pinyin + 8 Chinese TTS Voices) Business... # https://t.co/otb0DVhNWJ
RT @brokenbeakmusic: Hey @Twitter you have an outed abuser publicly saying that he's using his victims voices for publicity. Can you ple… https://t.co/FxjiyBdJg1
RT @lesbonner: RT @Independent: Tory MPs are attacking the BBC for not telling the public fairytales about Brexit https://t.co/tw8eH2qPLX
@tedwheeler You will have no peace until you listen to the voices in the black community
Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) - LIVE at Eur... https://t.co/qhjncoz9Od с помощью @YouTube Tl песня за которую было не стыдно
RT @CALcharters: Great Op-Ed from our friend John Phelps of @BullisCharter on clearing up misconceptions about charter public schools https://t.co/XIO36QCi6K
RT @mendcommunity: Tommy Robinson rushed to reporters just after the attack while Britain First called for a demonstration on April 1st https://t.co/N6cmpWZlad
RT @7bugglettes: @Khanoisseur This man is mentally ill.He has no attention span and can't remember from 1 minute to the next.He is lazy and hears voices??DUH
RT @Factsionary: According to a study, musicians are better at isolating voices in a crowd than non-musicians.
RT @BSO: Scary these high profile black media voices are associating with people like Clarke who said black protesters shoul… https://t.co/E1cHahF547
Man stabbed victim to death in Handsworth park after 'hearing voices' - Sunday Mercury https://t.co/zbjnZvuS6E